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The Presentation
What if you could, in 200 seconds, at no cost, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, unlock your innate talents and communicate better with others? Take the quiz now

ASafari of Self Discovery

Building better teams by connecting with the animal in all of us!

Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life will refine how you view and comprehend people. Africa-born, New York Times bestselling author, Stefan Swanepoel shares the different parallels between our concrete jungle and the real jungle.

Take the surprisingly accurate 3-minute quiz and discover whether you are an enterprising crocodile, a strategic lion, a risk-taking mongoose or another one of the “Serengeti Seven.” Learn to develop your own strongest survival skill, identify and understand the strengths of those you work with – all while having fun and developing an extraordinary team.

Stefan blends together his passion for wildlife and his 30 years of business experience, as CEO of seven companies and of two non-profits, into a unique presentation that fascinates audiences and keeps then talking about it for months. It’s a high energy, motivational, educational and above all, different! This is more than just a presentation, it’s a visual experience inspired by the #1 natural wonder of the world!

To see if Stefan is available to speak at your next event contact DJ at 949.681.9409, or just fill out the online form here.

Video Testiomnials

Mark Willis

“The perfect “visual” experience to simulate the skills required to take your mastery of business to the next level”

CEO Keller Williams Realty

Additional Testimonials

“Normally to meet someone of Stefan’s GENIUS would require a high level security clearance – he provides gut wrenching, real-world content, in a hilarious way while putting out enough passion and energy to power a small country.”

Terry Watson- Speaker and Trainer Extraordinaire

“Stefan, you’re awesome!! A speakers bureau’s homerun. I can always rely on your winning, insightful presentations to keep the attendees on the edge of their seats.”

Susie Hale President, Frogpond

“Stefan is one of the most dynamic, insightful and just plain accurate speakers it’s been my experience to know.”

Dr. John Tuccillo Author of New Business Models for the New Economy.

Read More Testimonials >>

Stefan in Action

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