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The What Animal Am I assessment is designed to help us identify who you are, not who you would like to be. As you answer the questions below think of how others really perceive you rather than how you perceive yourself.

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  • Interesting – I am the Crocodile!

    • Walid, seems like real estate is home to many crocodiles. Must be all the confidence and determination shining through!

      • Alyssalafay

        i wonder if they have any wolves?

  • Anonymous

    The program will not give results

  • Anonymous

    The program will not give results even though i tried twice

    • Anonymous


      While the majority of individuals receive their responses immediately via email, it may take a few moments. Please be sure to allow ample time for your results to be sent. If you do not receive it within 5-10 minutes, please contact me at dj@serengetibook.com and I will try and help figure out why your results are not being sent.

      Also – check your spam folder just in case!

  • I am just angry it took my email address and did not give me any results.

    • Anonymous


      While the majority of individuals receive their responses immediately via email, it may take a few moments. Please be sure to allow ample time for your results to be sent. If you do not receive it within 5-10 minutes, please contact me at dj@serengetibook.com and I will try and help figure out why your results are not being sent.

  • Over 250 people took the quiz during the first two weeks of December (since its official launch). Great twitter buzz and discussion @Serengeti. So far stats show: 30% are Crocs; 20% Giraffes; 20% Elephants; 10% Lions and 7% are each Wildebeest, Mongoose & Cheetah. Excellent distribution according to Assessment Company that created the Quiz for us. According to their research Quiz is tracking at 91% accuracy.

  • After seeing a number of tweets from crocs, I decided to take the test. Seems I’m a giraffe – interesting 🙂 Look forward to reading the book Stefan 🙂

    • Nice guy like you, absolutely a gracious giraffe and not a crocodile. You support and friendship is valued. Happy holidays!

  • Anonymous

    I am a mongoose. Always thought of myself as a calculated risk taker.

    • Glad you are! About 1 out of 15 so far have turned up a Mongoose, but most of them are very quiet for now. Seems like the crocodiles have scared them off (that’s if you follow the chatter on Twitter @Serengeti)

  • I’m the communicating elephant…

    • Jay, I now have even more respect for you than before. Thanks for taking the quiz and sharing.

  • I’m a Giraffe. The rest of you can’t eat me. I’m “divine in origin!”
    Can’t wait for the book to come out Stefan. I’m already very intrigued!… Lori Bee

  • Loved, loved, loved the book. I am a Croc. Will buy for my team when it is released. Couldn’t put it down, read in one night.

    • Stefan Swanepoel

      That’s awesome! Thanks for the support!!!

    • Thx Missy. One night. Great, that’s what I was hoping for . A quick 3 hour, enjoyable, easy and memorable read!

  • although the giraffe is my favorite animal. the test results revealed that i am a croc. mmmmkay …well ill be whatever as long as the wildlife isnt threatened by the building of a stupid road through the serengeti! …dear leaders of tanzania …please cease & desist! now! …join me @hcp520 on twitter

  • I’m a mongoose, now I just gotta read the book 😉

  • I’m an elephant….who’s surprised??? ROFL

  • Interesting results! I am a giraffe and will definitely read the book to brush up on my life mastery skills so that I do not become lost in the food chain! Thanks for sharing your brilliance, Stefan! 😀

  • Interesting results! I am a giraffe and will definitely read the book to brush up on my life mastery skills so that I do not become lost in the food chain! Thanks for sharing your brilliance, Stefan! 😀

    • Thanks Becky. You can reserve a copy at Amazon at the moment for a huge pre-publication discount – the link is http://amzn.to/skillsbook – remember to let the rest of your team find out what animal they are too.

  • I am a crocodile. Looking forward to reading the book!

  • I missed the twitter buzz and then someone @ mentioned it to me because I asked what the circle was that was showing up in so many twitter profile pics. How does that work?

    I’m a lion, only 10% hmmm. Not sure if that is good or bad but look forward to the book. I’m on a path to Mastery, every day give more than I take and pay attention to the lessons.

  • Wow, Keller Williams has infiltrated the Serengeti; I love the KW banner on your jeep!

    • I took the banner all the way to Africa and back!

      • Anonymous

        And now Chris Heller will take the banner on his journey to make KW #1 internationally!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    So I would have guessed myself to be a Lion but I was a Mongoose instead…. After reading the description, it makes sense.
    I’m looking forward to reading the book!

  • Anonymous

    No surprise. I am a lion although tonight I feel like a tired lamb. I look forward to reading the book. Is there a version for Kindle?

  • Great idea and fun quiz. The Cheetah in me has already registerd for Family Reunion and my to do lists are done!

  • Anonymous

    Very Interesting! Don’t know my results yet, but can’t wait to hear the Truth of the Serengeti at Family Reunion.

    • Auto responder sends email automatically. Maybe got caught in spam filter. Pls check.

  • Loved the test, though somehow I missed my animal match… I really look forward to hearing the Truth of the Serengeti at Family Reunion.

  • Over 2,132 people have taken the quiz and discovered their instinctive survival skill. Isn’t it time that you discover your inner animal?

    Take the quick 3 minute quiz and discover which animal best represents you. Take look at some of the animals below.

  • Loved the questions, and stopping to think about how I think, work, and play.

    Just another crocodile! 🙂

    • Think, work and play! Most people think it is one dimensional – you saw more. Smart!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, Stefan! Can’t wait to read the book! I’m a Croc…is that the right profile for a “Productivity Coach”…helping people improve their sales production?! Looking forward to learning more. Thanks for being the leader you are and bringing us such valuable information. Continued success! See you at Family Reunion.

  • Anonymous

    Great way to start the day. I am now listening to Crocodile Rock on the iPod.

  • Anonymous

    Best 3 minute analysis I’ve ever taken! Can’t wait to read the rest of the story!

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting, I look forward to reading the book.

  • A Giraffe? hmm thanks for th info I will have to check in to this more.

  • Alright I took it twice Giraffe it is. Let me stick my neck out there and get back to work.

    • One of the most understated animals and one of the most important skills to have. I would be proud to be a giraffe.

  • I alway knew I was a crocodile. 🙂 Fun quiz- great book.

    • You are an exceptional crocodile and an exceptional storyteller Sean!

  • This quiz totally hit it right on. I always like taking these quizzes answering questions about myself. It gives great insight to the great year of 2011 to follow! The Giraffe, would have never guessed it, but from the description seems to fit me perfectly.

    • Good to hear. Giraffes are an asset to every company!

    • Anonymous

      I too dig taking quizes…and am in your herd of giraffes. Have you ever taken the right brain/left brain test? click on and enjoy. http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com/vancouver/left_right/rb_test.htm I would have guessed another animal for myself, yet the description fits me well, as well. See you on the Serengeti

      Linda Sladek Barlow
      Keller Williams Realty Partners
      Overland Park

  • Anonymous

    I guess I am the mongoose. It seems to be quite fitting. Looking forward to reading the book!

  • Anonymous

    yep, pretty spot-on. Cheetah

  • Anonymous

    yep…right on. Cheetah.

  • I enjoyed the quiz and now I know I am a Wildebeest. I have to see it is pretty accurate.

  • Oops, meant that comment to read…I have to “say” it is pretty accurate. (unlike my typing)

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what I am doing and who I am.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what I am doing and who I am.

  • Love this. Looking forward to the book. Thanks for all that you do for the real estate industry.

  • I’m a Lion…ROAR! Actually, my brother says I’m a Jaguar because I’m territorial and I’ll crush your skull in one bite if you mess with me too much, but I told him Jaguars don’t live in Africa, so no one need worry about skull crushing. I hope I’m right! LOL!! I really can’t wait for the book. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    fun quiz! i will read this book when it comes out.

  • Cynthia Wozniak

    fun quiz! I am looking forward to reading the book when it comes out! I will also share this with my realtor team!

  • Wow…pretty cool.

  • I’ve taken this 3 times, every time with a different result… I wonder what that means?

  • I can not wait to read the rest of the book and I will plan on sharing with my two team members in team growing exercises. WOW!

  • About 3 days ago, I commented on a blog with photos from the Oakland Zoo. The author posted pics of an alligator, giraffe, flying fox and a tiger. For some reason, I was instantly drawn to the giraffe and felt a strong connection…and now I just took this quiz and found out I AM a giraffe! WOW!!! 😀

  • This was FUN. I’m an elephant dead on! (majored in communications) Now I’m buying the book. Thank You!

  • I am the graceful giraffe!

  • Very interesting!

  • Took the quiz this morning and found out I am an Elephant.

  • Thank you Stefan! I am loving this book… I knew I was a wildebeest as I was reading the first two chapters. Can’t wait to read the rest of the book. Will you be recording it for Audible.com? And I say a big “thank you” to my friend @Melaclaro which is how I came to find out about you.

  • Stefan I am a Wildbeest :))) I have been called worse…Great and Fun quizz now I have to read the book.

  • Took it twice…still a Lion! Hoping the email results arrive this time.

  • Anonymous

    wow…and I always fashioned myself more of a bluebird.

  • Anonymous

    wow. and i always considered myself more of a bluebird.

  • Anonymous

    wow. and i always considered myself more of a bluebird.

  • Anonymous

    I loved reading the first two chapters and taking the quiz. Fit me to a T. I am a Crocodile all the way!

  • i am at the family reunion and the private lunch with you…em a new fan of yours….thanks for sharing ur heart to us..took the quiz..never thought of myself as enterprising, that’s the last adjective i would describe myself….

  • I took the test 10 times. I am a crocodile. 🙂

    The book was sold out. I’m going to Borders asap to buy the book before they shut down the store….

  • Anonymous

    Before I took the test I asked people what they thought I was and most said I was a Crocodile — I was thinking I was more of a Mongose and that is how the test came out!! Funny what people perceive you to be and what you think you are. It was a good test and even better seminar!!! Can’t wait to read the book !!!

  • Anonymous


    Thank you for presenting to the KW family. I always enjoy retooling my systems and strategies after Reunion and this year you have given me another way to see myself and to view my needs. I always followed the thought that, “survival of the fittest” would be my focus. Standing alone, stronger and faster than my competitors, No wonder I have never developed a team. If I am going to finally apply leverage to my career, I will need to carefully select my team so that this Mongoose can thrive in the Southern California Serengeti.

    Steven Rime
    Principal Partner
    Keller Williams Realty Los Angeles Southbay

  • Take the Test…Find out what type of Animal you are!

  • Anonymous

    I thought I was The Enduring Wildebeest but commented that I would love to be the Graceful Giraffe because they possess the qualities I admire in others. Imagine my surprise when I had to take the test twice to make sure it was correct. It’s nice to see that I am closer to the person I want to be than I thought. It’s also nice to know that I am surrounded by a whole lot of crazy crocodiles and mongooses!

  • Anonymous

    Right on the money… totally me “the enduring wildebeest”, nothing stops me, if I fail, I get up and do it again until I get it. Hardship, Pain, etc… is what’s makes me even stronger. Challenge me… see who give up first. Loved this quiz

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This sounds like me! a Giraffe! I love it!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like me!

  • Spot on! Great tool to help your team dynamics.

  • This is great! Can’t wait to see what some of my friends are!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! That is right on for me!

  • Anonymous

    I encourage all to take this test…www.WhatAnimalAmI.com or also http://www.serengetibook.com…Surviving Your Serengeti, By Stephan Swanepoel. The book is just being released…It is amazing to see how acurate the results are…I am a Mongoose, and wow!

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea that I will be a Mongoose, but going over the description and realized it is me.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Stephan for the eye opening experience and taking the time to talke with me. You changed my life. Thanks for visiting at the KW FR 2011. Your book is awesome. A MUST read!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great experience – easy and fun to read, while we learn about life and ourselves

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for a great book. After reading the book I was able to determined What type of Animal I am and I quest right …. What a great way to know I know myself better and I can know my strong qualities. As a Realtor i need to learn how to used this quality to help my clients.

  • Stefan Swanepoel gave a wonderful presentation at the recent Keller Williams Realty Family Reunion conference. I suspected I might be a Mongoose, and now it’s confirmed. Now, I must read his book, Surviving Your Serengeti. And an African Safari is now definitely on my bucket list of things to do before I depart this earth. Thanks, Stefan!

  • Happy to confirm that I am a Graceful Giraffe…..

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised at my results! I am a Girrafe. I expected I was either a Crocodile. I guess I need to hook myself up with a strategic lion, hmm? Maybe that’s my husband…he will take it next. Thanks Stefan. It was a pleasure to hear your story live at FR.

  • I’m Drinking the cool’aid

  • I just took the test and was surprised at the result “Enterprising Crocodile” ! Looking forward to reading the book. Liz Palmer

  • As a crocodile, I’m patiently waiting and watching for the book I ordered.

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful treat it was to experience your seminar at the KW Family Reunion. I took the test months ago when it was first sent to me and found that I am the graceful giraffe. I wonder if I was destined to be the graceful giraffe when I was named Grace at birth :-)). At any rate this description couldn’t be more dead on. At times it can be frustrating in business because you want to have a stronger back bone but most of the times it is most useful in our business as people need someone who can put their goals, Selling or Buying, before our own personal needs. Thank you so much Stefan for writing such an insightful book.

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful treat it was to experience your seminar at the KW Family Reunion. I took the test months ago when it was first sent to me and found that I am the graceful giraffe. I wonder if I was destined to be the graceful giraffe when I was named Grace at birth :-)). At any rate this description couldn’t be more dead on. At times it can be frustrating in business because you want to have a stronger back bone but most of the times it is most useful in our business as people need someone who can put their goals, Selling or Buying, before our own personal needs. Thank you so much Stefan for writing such an insightful book.

  • My family has had a lot of fun with this test. We all took the test and then we sat down and took the test (as a group) as we perceived the other individual. What a load of fun. It is interesting to see how we are perceived by others and how close (or not) it is to reality. This gave us some great talking points with our children including “just because this is who you are today doesn’t mean that you can’t and won’t change”. Thanks, Stephan! Thanks also for you time and great talk at KWFR. You are fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    This was an interesting exercise and would be especially informative to have someone who knows me to share how they feel about how I am in situations. I love giraffes for real. DI

  • Anonymous

    I took this test for me then for all of the realtors in my office. . . what a zoo!!!

  • Quite interesting, how we perceive ourselves to be one way, when a test can say otherwise. I am impressed!!!

  • Quite interesting, how we perceive ourselves to be one way, when a test can say otherwise. I am impressed!!!

  • ahhh a journey of giraffes… cool!

  • I’m an elephant lol.

  • Gotcha!

  • Anonymous

    I am the Strategic Lion!!

  • Anonymous

    I am the Strategic Lion!!

  • Mongoose: Top of the food chain when it comes to eating snakes? haha! 🙂
    And all this time I’ve been saying that my “spirit animal” is the “Lioness”.
    Thanks, Camper! 🙂

  • Giraffe…for a “shorty” like me, it’s fun to be so tall!

  • I’m a mongoose.What are you? #serengeti

  • I am a “Crocodile” in the Serengeti Quiz, what are you?
    Carole Watson

  • I’m a lion…hear me ROAR!

  • I am a risk taking mongoose. What animal in #serengeti are you?

  • I am a risk taking mongoose. What animal in #serengeti are you?

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  • I am a giraffe. How wonderful to learn that my traits are actually identifiable ! This, mixed with being a “Gold” colour will ensure that I not only accomplish but exceed my goals.! Thanks!

  • I am a “blue” Giraffe ! How cool is that ?!

  • im an endurance wildabeast.

  • Anonymous

    I am the enterprising crocodile…..as per this quiz. Prefer elephants, leopards though, since was in Botswana/Zimbabwee,south africa in 2007.
    Carol Bass
    Coldwell Banker Terrequity, Toronto

  • Anonymous

    I am an enterprising crocodile, although after being to Botswana/Zimbabwee/south africa in 2007 i prefer leopards and elephants.
    Carol Bass
    Coldwell Banker Terrequity, Toronto

  • Anonymous

    I’m another endurance wildebeest.
    Judith Albert
    Sutton West, Toronto

  • Anonymous

    Do Cheetahs and Mongoose get along?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I’m a crocdile … Would have sworn I was a Wildebeest
    Michael Lyons
    Savannah, GA

  • Anonymous

    I am a giraffe! (but I think I could hang with the Wildebeests).

  • Anonymous

    a Wildabeest?!!! wow!

  • Anonymous

    a Wildabeest?!!! wow!

  • Today I am a Crocodile.

  • Wow an elephant. Great reading!! i highly recommend this book.

  • I’m blessed to be a GRACEFU:L GIRAFFE.

  • I’m blessed to be a GRACEFUL GIRAFFE. How about you?

  • Anonymous

    Saw African Cats, very good movie which I highly recommend. Enjoyed quiz; will take it again as I see myself as a giraffe. I am looking forward to reading the book and learning.
    A Wildebeest.

  • Very good test. The second time, same result. Can’t wait to read the book.
    A Wildebeest

  • Thank you for presenting @ Keller Williams. I enjoyed your speech. My family has lived in Africa so it was especially interesting for me. Great book idea!

  • Thank you for the interesting book. My team is eager to take the quiz.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the boo it as a truly enjoyable read. I am ready for a trip to the Serengeti.

  • Adrianafaerman

    I’m a crocodlie what animal are you? @hannahsocolsky; @michaelsolovay; @joescarborough;@mika;@patriciarotszain

  • Pat5

    I am a Wildebeest

  • Nessa

     Ha, there is no way i am an Elephant, just because im a good listener doesnt mean im also sarcastic and totally not positive!! xD

  • Islandchair1

    100% right… 

  • Ocean

    I the enterprising crocodile :3

  •  right on!

  •  Very nice. Got to love the crocodiles. 

  • Liz
  • Kh

    what am I?

  • WOW! I’m surprised. I thought I was a mongoose. 

  • Vman

    omg me and my friend just took this test and im a crockodile and my friend is a cheetah haha she better watch out cuz ima catch her sooner or later anyway i love this quiz 🙂 🙂

    • Sounds like you guys had fun with the quiz. That’s great.

  • I am the Graceful Giraffe.  Amazing how accurate!

  • Noname

    Now, what are you going to do with all these email addresses?

  • Silvia Rainaldi

     I am the elephant. Great book.

  • Julie Wright

    I met you at the Womens Council of Realtors meeting in June. I just started reading your book and I wanted to take the quiz before I started to decide who I think I am. You know we get attached to things like that. Surprise,  I’m the giraffe! I think that fits my personality traits. Now I will finish your book!!!
    Thank you,

    • WCR was a great meeting – hope you enjoy the book, safari and message!

  • Frankliora

    Thank you,greatly appreciated.

  • Louise Parker

    Very interesting. I didn’t know crocodiles had such admirable comparative qualities.  Chomp chomp I go. Looking forward to hearing Stefan in Nashville this October at Exit Realty Corp 13th International Convention.

  • Csbjones

    This is a great test and a tool to be used in business.

  • Gloliver

    Taking the quiz after reading the book verified my What Animal Am I! 

  • Mylah

    good profile in applying for job ^_^

  • Romanraa

    I never thought in my wildest imagination that I’m a Crocodile! This is a huge surprise for me. I need to reflect on this. I just finished reading your book and it’s absolutely awe-inspiring. Thank you.

  • Christi

    Wow….never thought of it in animal terms…but it is pretty darn close!!!!  Can’t wait to read the book.

  • Cbaiardi

    I took the test and there is nowhere to sign in.  I do not have any results  I have alread purchsed the book.

  • Hbkiss99

    ima mongoose =)

  • The Mongoose

    I got the thing I least hoped to be, A Mongoose.  I guess I should have seen it coming.  I just hoped I’d be a cat, not something that looks like the ferrets at Pet Smart.  Perhaps I’ll try again.

    • A mongoose is very cool! You should read up on the site about the unique skills of a mongoose, you will be impressed.

  • Jglennen

    Darn, I wanted to be a bear!

  • clara

    Ok,but I want to be an elephant

  • Plays With Squirrels014

    I’m a crocodile…cool. I mean the description fits me well and I guess its comforting to know that my futre could be successful coz I seem like the kind of person to end up with a wacky job like……. a fake fortune teller. Its ironic the the animal Im most like is one of my biggest fears.

  • Patti WILSON

    First time I took the test in February I was a Giraffe.   Just finished reading the book, tested again and now croc stood out!  Im sure  I have some of most, but not any of sum!!!! So enjoyed the book. We have 10 on order and ready to giveout ASAP!!!! THANK YOU STEF……

  • Elbazavala

    I just took the test for the 1st time and it said I was a crocodile. Since I like to make sure everything is well done, I did it again and still I’m a crocodile wich means; The ability to “think outside the box” when facing difficult problems and developing solutions. A dedication to advancing both yourself and your organization through a clear mission, while fostering a culture that supports and encourages imaginative and creative solutions. The determination to succeed, which also lends itself to another important trait for enterprising individuals: self-confidence. The tendency to spend a lot of time working alone—something that’s paramount to business success. This emphasizes entrepreneurs’ understanding of sacrifice, and how short-term hard work will pay off with long-term rewards. I must add, that I’m very peaceful, positive n respectful but, if people around me go the opposite direction, I will keep my distance and if they persist I will snap!. It sound like a great book, a must read. http://serengetibook.wpengine.com/your-safari/what-animal-am-i/quiz/

  • Jean

    I’m a giraffe, cool! It would be interesting to test myself again in the near future.  I love this book, Stefan you were thinking outside the box when you wrote this one.

  • Helenhillstrom

    I am a Graceful Giraffe!  Let’s all go to Africa next season. Helen

  • What kind of animal are you?  Take the short quiz and find out!  Go ahead … have a little fun today!

  • Tammy

    I’m a Graceful Giraffe.  My 10 year old son is reading it to me (he must read 30 minutes a day).  We are on day 3; so I cheated and took this quiz ahead of time since we are meeting with Stefan on Friday and I need to turn in my animal before then.  

    I am enjoying the book and Daniel (son) is asking lots of Great Questions.   Thank you Stefan!

  • zenea

    Enterprising means showing initiative, a willingness to undertake new projects, and a strong desire for success and achievement—all qualities that support the role of the entrepreneur. Like the crocodile, enterprising people possess the energy, creativity, and ambition required to see the possibilities in the future that others cannot see. If you are an enterprising person, you’ll see the following characteristics in yourself:

    The ability to “think outside the box” when facing difficult problems and developing solutions. A dedication to advancing both yourself and your organization through a clear mission, while fostering a culture that supports and encourages imaginative and creative solutions. The determination to succeed, which also lends itself to another important trait for enterprising individuals: self-confidence. The tendency to spend a lot of time working alone—something that’s paramount to business success. This emphasizes entrepreneurs’ understanding of sacrifice, and how short-term hard work will pay off with long-term rewards

  • Barbara

    I took the test a second time – several weeks after the first. I am now an elephant. My first animal was  a giraffe. I like the fact that we have different animals within us and can access them at different times!

  • MNS

    Contributions for making 7 skills enhancement for each person and support this skills to a  team to achive what needed is a very amazing thought and thought process achiving is really Practical.


  • I have just taken the Serengetibook test and the reulsts concluded I am like The Graceful Giraffe.

  • I just participated in the Serengtibook test and the results concluded I am The Graeful Giraffe. Very interesting concept.

    • Samg

      I do not agree with the quiz–I put in many things that led me to a completely random answer–a croccodile

  • I just took the test in preparation for the #Mar11 convention and turned out to be a Crocodile.  I did this a year ago and think I was a Lion then.

    • Chelsea Locke

      I just took it and I am the lion.  I am excited for this class!

  • I’m A Crocodile – what are you?

    • Juliasuperstar44@yahoo.com

      i am a griffe

    • Animalsrox

      I am the communicable elephant !

    • William

      I my plan is to stay away from the water hole because
      crocodiles wait for some animals to past through the water. Then crocodiles
      will eat them.

      The Lion

  • Omontya

    I love being the giraffe!! Take the test on  What animalamI.com   And learn more abut yourself!!

  • I’m a risk taking mongoose…lol. Awesome!

  • Paul Brackley

    Which is most important, the animal we really are or the one we are perceived to be?

    • Interested

      The one you are perceived to be, if you acknowledge it and use it to your advantage. I don’t mean in a bad way.

  • anon123

    i am a crocodile, like if you are too!

    • missbassclef

      me too!

    • jetgirl11

      me too!

  • Ibilinski

    Wow – I thought I was more of a giraffe.

  • Plavictoire

    I am a Croodile. Humm.. okay!
    Paul Lavictoire

  • C Matamoros

    I´m a wildebeest crossing the river, and I’ll crossing it one more time.

  • Mvnuss

    OK, I’m an elephant.  Maybe that explains my weight problem!

  • Zameer Khan Sailaab

    Thanks for providing such a material and making Monday less bore  :p

  • TJ

    I am Graceful Giraffe 🙂

  • Lisa Bradley

    I’m a crocodile.

  • I expecvted to be an elefant sized mongoose, but I´m a giraffe.  Fascinating!

  • Rowerluo

    I like Giraffe.

    • Juliasuperstar44

      me too

  • Great result! We are entrepreneurs and we surely “possess the energy, creativity, and ambition” we need to succeed! Great quiz!

  • Lisa

    I am just fine being a giraffe!

  • Guillermo Barrios

    I have read the book and I think I got a great learning ! I identify myself with the mongoose as per the characteristics described.
    Stefan has succeded in identifiying the skills and well apliying his theory to the business and day to day live.
    Thank you for this learning, I’ll be constantly trying to improve my skill !!!

    • You are to be admired for trying to constantly improve yourself!

  • Deborah

    That was a fun thing to do. I am a wildebeest. I have found that it isn’t a matter of trying to change yourself to be something else as much as it is to know who you ARE and work with the best you have to give. Llike wise it isn’t how you think people percieve you as much as working with how you percieve yourself with people.
    Sort-a-like figuring out how you react in situations and work with it.

    • …and knowing who you are is key, as only then can you start to focus on your strengths and maximize them. You have taken a big step forward, congrats. Check out of monthly free webinars at http://www.SerengetiInstitute.com to learn more.

  • Banshee52
  • Mattie Lane

    i thought I was a wildebeest, but found I’m a Giraffe!   I even took the test 2x at 2 different times to muite inspired by the talake sure.  I saw a presentation on these yesterday by the author, and was quite inspired by it.

  • Jairomartinez007

    this is realy cool

  • An Alligator

    Yes, I do like to work alone, as I am at my most creative self then!  I do not like to be interrupted by intrusions or loud people….I like to focus on my business…If I have to share space, I would rather it is with someone I am compatable with, than not!  

  • Clintraz

    This is bunk! It doesn’t pop up what I am. That whole section is whited out. 
    Am I a goose? Am I a mouse?
    A crocodile? What? What? How will I live without the label???

  • Dazusi

    I took the quiz, but haven’t seen my results (dazusi@hotmail.com).  Nothing displayed anywhere.
    Your “CONTACT US” page doesn’t show up when selected, either.

  • Savanna

    Cool, I’m a Cheetah ^^
    I totally agree with my habits and qualities, also 🙂

    • Funfun

      Me too

  • Johnwinter

    Im a cheetah, wow they can move fast.

  • Guest

    Im a elephant! embaressing

  • Jstephens

    I am also a risk- taking Mongoose which is a relief…. I have always thought I was a moose!  now I don’t have to eat so much….

    • Only a small group have the abilities of a risk taking mongoose. Treasure those unique talents.

  • Mlalji

    An enterprising crocodile! I know I have a thick skin but!!!!

  • Mlalji

    An enterprising crocodile! I know I have a thick skin but!!!!

  • Kruschkep

    My type din’t come up either.  It kept asking me for a valid email address, which I put in at the beginning.  Pam

  • Kruschkep

    OK.  I figured it out!  I am a giraffe.  The place to put my email address was at the top of the last “additional” comments section. Pam

  • TrudytheRealtor

    I’m disappointed that the “read more” button doesn’t work – I’d have liked to hear what else the “graceful giraffe” is known for!

    • jeta-wolf

      same here i was lion and i just cant read more there really interseting

  • Phoebe

     Cheetah is apropo and pretty on target.  I hope I can get my incoming board to take this prior to our meeting and know the personalities we are dealing with.

  • Jayne

    I am a crocodile 🙂

  • Joe

    I thought I was better looking than a CROC.

  • Joe

    I thought I was better looking than a CROC.

  • Jeta

    awsome quiz! i loved it i was a loin!!!! RoAr lol i love lions (and cats)

  • TriRacialGirl

    This is spot on; I’m a cheetah.

    • Jeta

      cool! im lion and i love big cats there so cute!

    • That’s clever – spot on!

  • Alexandra

    Great im a crocodile i thought I would be something a little bit more prettyer!! LOL 😛

    • jeta-wolf

      actualy i think crocs are pretty nice….i mean think of how smart they are! (i watch animal planet) adn there almost lightning fast when it comes to hunting

    • The “outside” doesn’t count as much as the “inside” – I am sure your creative, confident and enterprising abilities have often saved the day!

  • jeta-wolf

    how can i change my name here? it keeps showing part of my e-mail please help

  • jeta-wolf

    i love lions now alot more cuz of this really cool Quiz
    i think i look like a lioness too!

  • jeta-wolf

    i wish i can just turn into a lioness just for one day to see what it would be like…sigh

  • Sigrid

    I’m supposed to read the first page only?  it saids read more and I have pressed it but it does not change the page I’m a Giraffe please let me know I’m subscribe to your webinar tomorrow, Thanks

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  • A person that can help.
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  • Team

    I cant advance to the next page

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  • Tech-Support

    Would love to help diagnose the issue – could you please email me at dj@serengetibook.com so we can resolve it.
    Meanwhile you can read more about all the animals under quiz -> the
    animals (http://serengetibook.wpengine.com/your-safari/what-animal-am-i/)

  • Amy

    comunication elephant, i thought i would be something more risk taking, more fun. even though elephants are cute. 

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  • Dottie

    I can not seem to get to the continuation page of the Lion.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to finding my animal

  • Macynorby

    i was a cat because i am cute

  • Phoebe

    I could not get the continiuation of the page to the rest of the info.  Is there a list of the diffferent animals?

  • Jenni

    I could not get the next page either

  • Wendy

    I only took this because of curiosity. I can’t believe how accurate it seems to be, at least from my perspective, from what I hear from others. Thank you for this fun and enlightening quiz!

  • Fran

    It really sounds like me but I would like to know what the other animals mean.  There was no read more for mine.

  • Fran

    It really sounds like me but I would like to know what the other animals mean.  There was no read more for mine.

  • Fran

    It really sounds like me but I would like to know what the other animals mean.  There was no read more for mine.

  • Dr Gee

    Lion huh? That’s pretty much top of the food chain. Now I need that pride of lions to go with it. What I’ve read of lion pride/pack behavior I wonder about the accuracy or at least the lion metaphor based on my answers and the ‘description’.

    It’s nap time . . . where’s that banyan tree?

  • Dr Gee

    Lion huh? That’s pretty much top of the food chain. Now I need that pride of lions to go with it. What I’ve read of lion pride/pack behavior I wonder about the accuracy or at least the lion metaphor based on my answers and the ‘description’.

    It’s nap time . . . where’s that banyan tree?

  • Mine is a Cheetah…………………….. But In my View if we are perfect Nothing goes Wrong and it is very tough to be perfect. We can improve our capabilities if we take those suggestions to our mind.

  • Katharine K. Whiting

    I am a Giraffe and I agree with the description!

  • Only1sweetthing

    So apparently I am a communicating elephant… I do agree with the description, bu,t like some mentioned previously, I would like to know the descriptions of the other animals. Also, “Read More” appears to be available, but it does nothing when I click it.

  • Belinda

    I am strategic lion. It’s all in the journey for me!!!

  • TJ Roberts

    looks like tj is an elephant

  • Doctoromans

    gariffe ? I think of myself as a gorilla ( cop ) but I am always care for the needs of others so I am a gariffe . why is my friend a dolfin

  • MaryAnn

    i took the test & i’m an elephant personality type!

  • Evilnick

    im a cheetah

  • Guest

    im a enterprising crocodile

  • Vipul Karia

    It give me Enterprising Crocodile, !!! Great quiz and very interesting concept !!!

  • Kenneth Goodrich

    I’m an Enterprising Crocodile! WOO-HOO!!

  • Anon

    I am as different from the enterprising crocodile as I can get and still be from Earth. This quiz has no accuracy. Junk.

  • Valkyriepeter

    Quiz says crocodile. I’d thought I’d be a croc or a mongoose. Very interesting analysis. Where does the cape buffalo come in–or the leopard?

  • JackCarra

    i was a giraffe i seek to make others feel like they’re the most important person 

  • Anonymous

    Giraffe! Hm, coolness

  • Paul Caldwell

    It is right…. I am a giraffe….

  • Ayn5242

    I’m an elephant.  I love elephants in general and I can’t disagree with the analysis.

  • Vargazo

    The graceful giraffe was my strait tip for myself.

    perfect analysis 🙂

  • Izzymurray99

    im a croc i agree i like meat

  • Brandon Bob

    I was a crocodile.  The description on the first page basically repeated some of the questions that I answered with a “Strongly Agree”.  So I don’t know what this really means and how it relates to the traits of a crocodile because the “Read More” button at the bottom of the results doesn’t open another screen.  The “Share Your Results” and the “Share The Quiz” buttons don’t work either.

  • Kirara1234

    a mongoose hmmmm. well the oter test i was a wolf. well ill take it cause it is a relitive of a ferret.

  • lexi monty

    i got giraffe and i think thats pretty funny because i have to do a report on giraffes!! 🙂 great quiz btw.

  • Valerie Tica

    this is not working, I tried 10 times by now and keeps saying i missed # so and so, when I did not miss anything.

  • Ashelysimons123


  • Lina Farrar

    Iam a crocodile and It fits the description very well. I love to try new things and make changes. I do not like routine that is why great challenges and team management are my stron points.

    Lina Farrar

  • Jimrusselltuffyrussell

    Having touble with the quiz. Someone needs to check it.

  • Sal

    Awesome! I wasn’t expecting to be a cheetah, but the again i am in track and cross-country so it makes sense.

    • Sal

      oops. should’ve used spellcheck.


    yay im a lion RAWRR ;P

  • Lduke

    I never thought of myself as graceful but this description is spot on!

  • Rarguello

    I’m the crocodile as enterprising. Interesting results after I took the quiz.  I love think outside the box, look solutions to difficult problems.

  • Kay

    yay i am a loin

    • Bobbiepc

      I think you mean lion…..loin….lol!

  • Beka

    🙁 a mongoose..whats good about a mongoose

  • Aj

    where is the answer

  • AJ

    I got the wildbeest

  • ramona.mc

    I got the elephant (communicating).

  • Mark Aucancela

    hello. I am the enterprising crocodile, So I think that all caractheristics are according to the personallity and it is 90% correct, so the objetive could be better if it let improve your actions

  • SmexyUnicorn101

    Im a girrafe. but im not that graceful

  • Dakutacool

    i’m an elephant :P,i like wolves,tigers,lions etc better,but i guess being an elephant is OKAY

  • spoff

    heres the link for the other animals for those who couldn’t find it
    elephant ftw

  • Dvbagesidfbh

    1st i was the wilderbeast 2nd i was the crocadile

  • Snowtoad

    The “MONGOOSE” i am!!!   Ayyyyy Matey!!!!

  • Cilla

    I am the Crocodile, oh yeah!!!! 😀

  • Smartdeola


  • Littledizzyfish

    I’m a giraffe. Suits me really well actually. 🙂

  • Great show in T.O.!! Always something new in your presentation Stafan.

  • I am a giraffe.  I “Gracefully” agree…

  • Vickylila

    i am a wolf

  • Shannawan10

    oh yah

  • CeCe

    I’m a Giraffe! XD

  • Virtuosolo

    I’m a rather small giraffe, at 5ft3″ 🙂

    • Keely

      Haha me too

    • elmithefox

      I’m exactly the same xD

    • barefootrev

      I’m a 5’4″ giraffe

  • Ginetteskeltn

    site not working, doesn’t advance past first question

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ginetteskeltn,

      Sorry to hear you are having some troubles with the quiz. Please email me at dj@serengetibook.com and I would love to help diagnose the problem so that we can fix it.

  • Immaguy13

    Last year I was a mongoose… this year ima Crocodile (:

  • Gmk1961

    I entered my email address – and I’m asked for it again with no place now to put it!  So I took the quiz for nothing – no results.

  • Jenn D.

    I got the Crocodile… I like it… Totally suits me 🙂

  • Paul

    Got the mongoose…. like a boss

  • Pam Rogers

    crocodile definately me pam Roger

  • Pam

    I took the quiz but did not get results. 🙁

    • When you complete the last question the quiz automatically takes you to the answer. Try completing the quiz again.

  • Still a Crock after 90 days..thanks again for all you do Stephan

  • babyduckplz

    Yes I’m a Giraffe….I’ll try again…

  • Crutcher

    i am a lion

  • Crutcher

    i took a better animal quiz on a diiferent site and i am a whitetip reef shark

  • Indigopanda

    imma risk taking mongoose 🙂 on another quiz i got shrew… i like these results better……

  • Indigopanda

    imma risk taking mongoose 🙂 on another quiz i got shrew… i like these results better……

  • Indigopanda

    i typed in a fake email adress…… calm down no ones gonna kill you. Not these people at least. I PROMISE.

  • Indigopanda

    i typed in a fake email adress…… calm down no ones gonna kill you. Not these people at least. I PROMISE.

  • Indigopanda

    which suits me wonderfully because I love taking risks. thinking before you act takes the fun out of life!

  • Indigopanda

    which suits me wonderfully because I love taking risks. thinking before you act takes the fun out of life!

  • Siberianhuskydog

    I got the giraffe – coincidence, because I was always tall for my age. Ha ha ha!

  • siberianhuskydog

    I always thought I was a cheetah, though, because I’m always running about hyper. I’ve been like that since 10 years old…ah sweet memories! But some of the things they say ’bout the giraffe is so true about me…but not all of it. Ah, well!

    •  We all have multiple skills so maybe you are efficient and graceful person!

    •  We all have multiple skills so maybe you are efficient and graceful person!

  • Lioness-suits-me-best

    I was a tiger. Knowing that I might come downtown with a loaded gun and tear you all up!
    HA HA HA HA HA! (Evil laugh) Oh I am so damn EVIL!

  • Carakantine

    I was a lion…lucky lioness-suits-me-best! I wanted a tiger at first, but what they said about lions made m quite like them after this Serengeti…I will survive it…

  • f_yo_shit_im_the_honey_badger

    yeah i am the honey badger

  • Linda Huff

    Thats funny – my dad use to call me his “little croca “doll”.  It seems I always was.  LOL

  • Esthrtbasarab

    im the giraffe awesome right im tall too

  • Alejandra Arnot

    haha i was so not expecting a giraffe! It fits well 🙂

  • Krystal Moore

    Not the prettiest animal in the crocodile..but I like the description.  A Lot 😉

  • Candy Land

    i’m always getting a crocodile

    •  That’s a strong indication you are most likely a confident and enterprising individual!

  • viclee5

    I certainly wish this site actually WORKED!! No 2nd page, none of the buttons work, sheesh! Guess I’ m an on track cheetah for a reason!!

    • Mymsi

      lucky you your  are a cheetah 

    • Sorry to hear you had problems. The site does work for most people and we have an IT person that checks it every day. Hope you can come back and try again – email DJ@SerengetiBook.com if you have any questions.

  • liger23

    this quiz fit the animal to me perfectly it is awsome

    •  That’s great. Over 90,000 people have taken the quiz and the overwhelming majority says that the results are a close match to who they are!

  • liger23

    i got a girafe it fit well

  • Liahkane

    okay so my nickname is lion because i am brave how can i possibly be compared to a wildabeest

  • Deb Whitman

    I am a Giraffe.

  • Bea27c

    i’m a crocodile in a swamp!!!!!!!

  • Tay


  • blech

    giraffe??? no way im nothin like a giraffe!!!

  • Eli_et

    this is gay why the fuck would i have to have a fucking email account

  • Simransidhu2000

    i dont want to be a crocodile waaaa so not fair i am nothing like a crocodile i think this only shows crocodiles and giraffe!!!!!!!!!
    ~ ^ o ^ ~ lucky i am not a giraffe!!!! 

  • Yawner18

    an elephant… because apparently im a good listener. im not that thrilled about that

  • Witchywoman64

    I’m a giraffe in a swamp

  • Mymsi 49

    i am a communicating elephant i wish i was a cat but i love animals =) =(

    •  Communicating elephants are very impressive animals. Read up more about them on the site.

  • Johndedoncker

    I keep being asked of a email address…which I submited 4 times. no answer on the quiz?

  • Michaelcorleone124

    I’m a lion, figures; every time I finish eating I always fall asleep. 

    •  Thinkers need lots of sleep 🙂

    • loves lions girl

      I was a lion too!

      • loves wolves girl

        sooo cute

    • loves wolves girl


  • Mink


  • <–dat dude rox

    first I got wildebeest and then I got crocodile. “UNEXPECTED!”

  • I’m a crocodile, and don’t like this animal 🙂

  • Cmartiano

    Im the communicating Elephant..So me!

  • Zar_roc Elbaen

    a mongoose……hmmmm……yah, im small, can get myself in and out of most any tight situation (physical or other) and i enjoy taking most any risk 🙂 life’s monotonous, make it interesting!

  • Tiffanyallen1031

    im a mongoose to  : D

  • Olivialeger2

    I’m the grateful giraffe

  • i got cheata im sooo fast

  • Jswope

    I am a risk taking mongoose.

  • Cpdevasia

    Feeling proud to be a cheetah, ha, ha, ha..

  • Jamal

    The Strategic lion…

  • Shaimans72

    yes i am acrocodile .    If like the crocodile you are an enterprising and resourceful person you
    see the opportunities by keeping your mind open and active. You
    understand that by being creative, confident and bold enough to seize
    the opportunities that present themselves, and you have the ability to
    influence the outcome of future events.

  • vijaya

    I am cheetah. Great to participate and know the Animal I am . Thanks for your valuable hit.

  • Linasj

    oh.. exactly what i am

  • Shailender

    I turned out to be a cheetah but I feel I have all the characteristics of a Lion- Grrrrrrrrr !!!

  • krishna moorthy

    its really nice 

  • GIANA2000

    OMG I GOT GIRAFFI AHHHHHHHHHHHH I LUV THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Itzmeabss

    Ha ha i got lion……..uurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………

  • Febi Sulphi

    hai i got cheetah………………………….i think its right

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  • Captain_Kirk

    Horray !!!!!!  Giraffe here……….This is really neat………And very true identification of who I am……..Great work Stephan……

  • Crodriguez

    Giraffe?! I don’t see it O.o

  • I am a crocodile and I truly fear this animal. Is that mean I should fear the people that have the same character as I do.  

  • Millie Kanyar

    I’m a Cheeta!

  • Jordan

    What the h**l.. It didn’t show my animal.. It just restated the test.. What bummer.. Lol

  • Bkholwani

    im a crocodile

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  • Mariaux80

    excellent! I got a cheetah, exactly like me. it’s awesone

  • Janet Lick

    I am a Lion…yea…exactly.

  • I’m a Giraffe,  not a surprise… 🙂

  • Anna B.

    A Wildebeest. No surprise there

  • I’m a elephant…LOL!!!  Communication is one of my top strenghts!!! 

    • Anjéla

      Right…. grace is nothing without communiting skills (!)

    • Aloneinacrowdedplace

      I got that too!

  • Andreas Ebert

    Wildebeest??? what an ugly creature!!!
    ugly but resistant

  • Carolyn_bartz

    I am a Cheetah!  I love cats! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m the risk-taking mongoose, actually suits me quite well.

  • Naito

    Giraffe! Spot on

  • Naito

    Giraffe! Spot on

  • Sarajane39

    An enterprising crocodile.  The description sounds right.

    • ali

      i got that too

  • Tracey

    Yep, just what I would have guessed, Efficient Cheetah.

  • Anjéla

    Not bad, because this is pretty much my inside, deep inside. But I also want such from surroundings, and if they don t give that I am gone/ take my freedom, go away. I really like respect. My ´problem´outthere is that people Project their bad sides on me an give themself my good sides….. this is in fact a hell

    • Anjela

      ohh it was the ´graceful`Giraffe

  • Solon

    lol, im a crocodile!!! i dont get it though, im not mean!!!

  • Elizacori

    I am a lioness. I like exercising leadership. I am sure of myself. I like offering me attention and excel in all that I accomplished.

    • William

      Good, you know what you are a “lioness.” I am a lion which
      the attributes of a lion are instilled me.

  • Rolando200800

    im a Giraffe?!!! WTF lol

  • Hitmil

    Croc cute

  • Wow, a Girrafe and this is what my patient and an assistant for Mr. Stefan told me I may very well be. She was good to know that.

  • I’m graceful but I don’t know about being a giraffe. 

  • Kool-aid

    A risk taking mongoose

  • Aloneinacrowdedplace

    I’m a communicating elephant :L

  • StarMoon

    I am a girrafe, tends to agree.


    “The Enterprising Crocodile”
    Fair enough.

  • Snburns

    Risk Taking Mongoose?  I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t do anything that I haven’t planned in a long term plan. I don’t take any risks, because I’ve mitigated any risk…via the plan.  I find this very flawed.

  • Davejones

    enduring wildebeast..yeahhhhhhhhh. an  element of truth

  • Jai2345

    wildbeest ok

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  • Jpspaeths

    im a .. graceful giraffe? hmm.. ok=D

  • Emh125

    i’m a enterprising crocodile

  • qwewrty1234

    Really???? Graceful Giraffe? Haha

  • i <3 Greg

    Im a Graceful Giraffe

    • Eva

      Me too!

    • catrin

      me 22222 😛

  • i <3 Greg

    i took the Quiz 2 times and now im a enterprising Crocdile

    • Rex888

      me too!

  • mr mister


  • mr mister

    i was a mongoose

  • mr farty

    i was wildebeast

  • dementedgirl4444

    im a wolf!!!! its like my favorite animal too!!!!!!!! i have a wolf/german shepard, CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! :))

  • Im a lion hmmm.wonder what other people would say to that

  • hi

    An enterprising crocodile

  • Marianely

    I am Mongoose!!

  • Foo Foo Fan

    i’m a
    Enterprising Crocodile!

  • Chiefsfan

    The efficient cheetah. Damn glad it was not a tortoise!

  • unknown

    no wonder thanks for the quiz i really need it!!!

  • mr. croc

    im a crocodile broooooooooooooooo like this

  • ME

    Isn’t the picture on the Mongoose page a Meerkat? I thought a Mongoose looked more like a weasel or ferret. I Googled it and it seems I’m right.

  • the mongoose

    a mongoose, seriously? haha

  • Candice ;)

    One of the wises of the land animals and the largest… Elephant

  • Wow, One of these tests that really come up with a fitting response. I am a Graceful Giraffe!

  • Laney

    Wildebeast babeeeeeeeeeee

  • Shefali

    i am a… CROCODILE!!!???? little surprised at first then realised i am actually pretty cool B)

  • marge :D

    i am a communicating elephant… y do i feel slightly insulted? :p

  • bay

    whohoo!! cheetah!!

  • Lylan

    I’m a Lion! Thats awsome!

  • rlyu00

    hmm… i turned out to be a croc. thats kinda weird……

  • mrs woodcock

    i was a cheetah

  • SoCal Girl

    enterprising crocodile

  • lamb!!!!

    y a giraffe????

  • silly sally

    i am a strategic lion

  • MoMo97

    i rather be a Lion they have no fear they are majestic and such a beautiful animal and i am also a Leo so it makes since that i should be a Lion

  • arty85

    I got the communicating elephant, which is so me. I might not speak up often, but when I do, I am heard.

  • Tee

    I’m an Elephant 🙂 a good communicator and good at seeing what others REALLY mean. So true.

  • Gia K.

    I am a Crocodile!!!!


    im a mongoose 😀

  • andy prashad

    Hello Stephan,
    I am a giraffe. I kind of knew that, I thought I would be a lion. Let me know your thoughts on the conference about the tech aspect

  • anoni

    i am a wildebeest!!!!!

  • a giraffe, wow with grace…

  • animals rule

    i didit twice the first time i was a risk taking mongoose the second time i was a graceful giraffe

  • animals rule

    im gonna take it one more time

  • animals rule

    the 3rd time round i was a comunicating elephant lolololol

    • William

      The 3rd time round I was a lion, lion, lion.

  • WCF

    I am the Strategic Lion

  • I am a combination between a mongoose and a crocodile. Love the quiz and Stefan and his message. Thanks Stefan for the time in Austin. You were great.

  • What kind of animal are you, find out at http://www.whatanimalami.com

  • DJ

    i’m the efficient cheetah!

  • XfaithlessX

    The traits of the enterprising crocodile are not reflective of my personality. I tend to be alone because of…social problems, I dont have a dedication to advancing myself or organization. I just do the best I can. The think outside the box usually manifests itself in people not getting where I am coming from until much later, if ever.

  • Make way for ze elephant.

  • sherri

    I too am a crocodile

  • Deven

    Apparently I’m a Wildebeast…O_o

  • kimathi halley

    i got a stinking crocodile

  • weegee2

    i am a lion

  • EnsignKunseiSoong


  • Tess23

    Lol I’m a cheetah

  • Green-Winged Macaw

    I’m a Graceful Giraffe!! Hahaha
    Though.. I love Macaws! Especially the species mentioned in the name!

  • im a elephant

  • Anonn

    I’m a Mongoose… doesn’t sound too popular. Anyone else out there a mongoose?

  • goldlion345

    First I was a crocodile, now I’m a wildebeest. To be honest I thought I was more of a lion. I do suit the wildebeest a little, but the lion more. It seems that the quiz is not accurate enough. However I really liked it!

  • Zap Gurl

    I tried two times with two different answers.(first one was real)One was the mongoose, and the other was a wildebeast.

  • Jiaaaaa

    I am graceful girafe ^-^

  • Sexy Chic

    I am a Enterprising Elephant. What are you

    • Sexy Chic

      I mean Communucating Elephant.

    • William

      Elephants are powerful and very communicating like yourself.
      However, I am a strategic lion and careful around elephants. Roar!

  • missbassclef

    I’m a crocky that gets tackled by people.

  • KentuckyLady

    I love it! One day I am a giraffe, graceful at that, then today, I am an elephant. Guess this fits with my being a moody person who likes blue, green and red 😉 etc.

  • lol

    i am a risk taking mongoose. pretty cool. i am gona maximize my strenghts.

  • 731adamleader

    i am….wildebeest.

  • The first time i took it, I was a lion. I took it a couple months later and now I’m a crocodile. I can definitely see both traits in me..I guess my Lion traits are first then Crocodile! I am interested to know if there’s a tier structure of traits that comes with this test. Meaning, can this test results evolved and shows what our secondary, tertiary traits and so on…Stefan? Jacob?

    • William

      Yes, I took the test three times and it indicated that I was
      a lion each time. This test might not work for others because they may not answer
      the questions honestly, or it could indicate there may be two sides of your personally.
      Let go of the crocodile and be the lion like me.

  • wtf

    im a freaking wilder beast! WTF

  • 19rguzman

    im a Enduring Wildbeast Im not sure if that is goodim kind of surprised

  • I`m the Graceful Giraffe ! Like if u had the same result 😉

  • lila

    i am a cheetah cool if you are :^ 🙂 😮 #1

  • Niamh

    I am a wilderbeast, woo!

    • William

      Woo, be cautious of me because I am the lion.

  • no name

    I’m an Enduring Wildebeest…but the description doesn’t seem to fit me at all.

  • Tammy Shore

    I am a graceful giraffe

  • DisKattRAWRS

    hm… im a crocodile…. interesting. I expected to be a feline of some sort…. senstive and caring, but protective to the point of aggression….. sounds like a cat, right?

  • It way more credible than just sounds like a cat…really. Do yourself a favor and download yourself a copy of the book “Surviving Your Serengeti” over the holidays, and read it. I think you will really enjoy the fable and the wisdom behind it!

  • sportygal31

    I’m an even SMALLER giraffe at “4ft 3” 😛

  • matlock

    hate to lose wont start what i cant finish, obsessed about correcting errors… i’m a cool croc

  • TheNewGiraffe

    LOL why the fuck am I a giraffe ? :p I would never have think of it by myself!

  • evermore13

    I am a Communicating Elephant!!!

  • musicrocks

    y am i enterprising crocodile !!!!!!!!!!!
    the things on the bottom r not what i put but im happy what i have

  • sudsmakerawesome123

    i am a enduring wildebeast! it got my characteristics just right!

  • brony123321

    im a cheetah

  • brony123321

    cheetahs are fast

  • brony123321

    im an efficient cheetah

  • brony123321

    am i alone on here??? 🙁

  • brony123321

    i guess i am

  • Jemal JJ


  • Emilie

    Elephant 🙂 <3

  • cycrax

    im a awsome crocodile

  • alexis101q1w2e3

    i was an communicating elephant how cool is that

  • kitylovin

    crocidile its true

  • Viva

    XD I feel like a freak! No one else is commenting that they’re an elephant

  • myahsobless


  • I am a Risk-Taking Mongoose!!

  • curious

    I am a crocodile, are crocodiles more likely to take this quiz?

  • angel

    i am a lion


    I’m an Elephant! Couldn’t be happier with this analysis of my traits… I love elephants and have a special board on Pinterest honoring their beauty, wisdom and family commitment! 🙂

  • I’m a Strategic Lion. Now let’s get it done!

  • Cashmere K

    I’m a small croc
    like, less than 5 feet
    I’m tiny
    fun sized!!!!!!

  • bluemoon

    8 – Moderately Agree
    9 – Moderately Agree

  • Catrin

    I’m a friggen Graeful Giraffe!

  • abcd

    th charctrstics xactly r same …………………….. unfortunatly 😛

  • Courtney Rogers

    Im a wildeebest!

  • Inocencia

    I’m the Strategic Lion! Hear me ROAR!!!!

  • luv me………………….

    i am a lion !!!!!! im the king of the jungle………………………..

  • tjlegolas

    i m a lion. how cool s dat?!!



  • Me

    enterprising crocodile

  • AnimeAnimalLover

    crocodile ..noooooo!!!!
    Wanted to be a lion!

  • FF

    I’ve been told I’m a crocodile. Honestly, I’m not.

  • sky

    im a gracefull graffi

  • tabitha

    i am a crocodile XD

  • MrReliable

    I’m a Wildebeest

  • Miss me?

    croc o DILE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sweettie

      omg me toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Twintwintwin

        tWINNING! ;D



  • Mary

    Enterprising Crocodile- explains a lot!

  • Jorge

    Am a giraffe; full of Grace and able to look far, thanks to my height. I love it.

  • Jewelz94

    I am a Efficient Cheetah!

  • kk

    im a gracefullgiraffe

  • Alecs

    i a while crocodile…
    see you later aligator :)))))

  • i’M A LION

  • I am a cheetah!

  • Crocodile

  • ive taken the test 2 times i am still a cheetah

  • summahFoai

    im a graceful mother fuckn giraffe

  • ya mum

    i am crocodile hell yeah

  • I think I like being a GIraffe

  • 1Michaelal

    Communicating Elephant, interesting game….thanks for the fun 🙂


    woow. i’m a giraffe. ^^.

  • Buk Lau

    I’m An Enterprising Crocodile

  • Now that I know I’m an enterprising crocodile… I need to read the book!

  • Jessa

    I am a croc!!!!!!!! I hate croc though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • korbleteebopll

    I am an elephant like if you got it too!

  • zoe

    im a wolf! so fricken cool!!!!!!!!!!

  • sallypop

    I am a Elephant!!!

  • ZChavez

    Oh well, I’m an HUGE Elephant…

  • panpan191

    im a enduring wildebeest

  • pandaVl

    its just a quiz calm the fuck down man shesh what crapped in you sandwich today

  • Kit Lontz

    Mongoose c: except the picture is a meerkat.. hehe.

  • That one guy down the street

    me has mongoose


  • I am not Rowan but a enterprising crocodile!

    People that are crocodiles are awesome ninjas! WHO AGREES?

  • shel81993

    I’m a fricken wildebeest

  • Elladan

    yup thats me! nice

  • mobyengage

    I’m a “GREEDY” little crocodile!…everything said about an enterprising crocodile is true about me, its crazy!

  • susannah

    i’m a loin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i good at evrey thing and i do
    n’t give up

  • Porkie

    I’ve always loved the Mongoose. I feel the description fits me well. With a splash of Elephant in there. 😉
    Fun quiz for sure. Inspired. I want to learn more about the Mongoose.

  • Mongoose for the win!

  • Sillygirl156

    I am a mongoose

  • I am a giraffe – all 5’1″ of me. (I am shrinking)

  • issac

    im a crocodile

  • chickenlittle2x

    im a croc to

  • sweet crocodile

    whew.. crocodile? I have no idea crocodiles are creative animals… i haven’t seen a manifestation of these in crocodiles 🙂

  • Lashay

    I am a Lion!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ddddddd

      me 2

  • Rick James

    This game sucks, I wanna be king of the jungle. Not the animal that gets hunted on horrible reality televisions shows on the History channel.

    • William

      We all cannot be king of the jungle, Rick. Are you saying that
      you are a wildebeest which gets prey on or another animal? Try taking the test
      another time to see your results.

      The Lion

  • Sasanna Strozier

    I am a lion. Thank you very much.

  • Lauren

    omg i am a crocodile that sucks

  • amy

    Loved this, I’m a graceful giraffe

  • Ian White

    Im a mongoose!

  • Avinash Purat

    I am cheetah. The number amongst readers is negligibe.

  • Komakech Paul

    I am so glad to have unfolded my personality aligned to an elephant. This is just a very well thought and tested way to expose personality because it is real,inspiring as well as encouraging.

  • lily jones

    what the heck dude i wanted 2 b a leopard but im a frekin croc

  • Logan Mitchell

    Mongoose?! REALLLY?!

  • Lucranae

    I’m a human.
    I got a crocodile, hehe, Nice test ^^

  • Karter Kensling

    I AM THE ALL-MIGHTY Enduring Wildebeest

  • Connie Scuderi

    I am an Enterprising Crocodile!

  • Elle

    I am a “graceful giraffe”. Loving life right now. haha.

  • Barb

    I adore giraffes but I’m a mongoose, truly a risk-takers for real. Lots of times I lose, but I pick myself up again and keep on going ahead. But my therapist says I have many qualities of the giraffe. I am pleased.

  • collin


  • I’m a fast biting croc!

  • Yasser

    I’m an Enterprising Crocodile!

  • DJ

    I’m a paranoid meerkat!

  • kate

    YAY I am the strategic lion my FAVOURITE animal well that was a good link to me and the lion!!

    • William

      So Kate, you are a lioness. I am a lion and it is my favorite as well. Watch out for the crocodiles when hunting for wildebeest.

  • kenna

    I wanted to b a llama but I’m a crocodile.which is still pretty cool

  • cats tears

    im a lepord

  • JoAnn

    I am the communicating elephant…..wow!!!

  • Jimmie


  • REman

    I guessed it before the results…Enduring Wildebeest!!!

  • ines

    I’m an Enterprising Crocodile

  • Haylea Kayann Hatsunemiku Addi

    I am a Risk-Taking Mongoose…….

  • Cassandra Smith

    I am a risk taking mongoose. Suits me pretty well as I am a risk taker, I am also messy, mischievous, evil Example, example, You get the picture 😀

    • 32meeko

      hi Cassandra

  • 32meeko


  • 32meeko

    i am a

    Communicating Elephant!

  • andresw

    What Animal Am I?


    You are the Enduring Wildebeest!

    Like the wildebeest, endurance—in its simplest form—is our ability to
    apply ourselves for relatively long periods of time. This quality keeps
    our minds going when our bodies want to quit, and gives us the mental
    capability to continue moving forward despite the obstacles, hardships,
    pain, fatigue, or stress in our path.

    Every professional ordeal and personal hardship we encounter as we
    pursue our goals is an opportunity to hone this skill—which you might
    recognize in yourself if you exhibit the following characteristics:

    You have resilience, or the ability to bounce back from adversity.

    You are adept at changing conditions and responding to setbacks and
    pressures from multiple directions. You see problems as challenging
    rather than discouraging and as opportunities to develop your knowledge
    and skills.

    You are an individual with a competitive edge and are always willing to invest the time and effort required to accomplish tasks.

  • Logan

    Im the Enduring Wildebeast!
    Well i do headbutt people sometimes

  • Saffron Scott

    ima crocodile!!

  • Lily

    When I was little, I always did find Simba kinda sexy… RAWR!!!!! This chick is a LION!!!!! 🙂

  • William

    I love to solving problems and meeting my objectives. I must hunt for new experiences to feed my mind. Therefore, I will wait for the problems to come like a hungry lion waiting on his prey.

  • sammmie

    A risk-taking mongoose…. FUCK U

    • wut

      ilysm lol

  • Guest

    Loyal wolf??? hmm

  • Farrimond

    An Enterprising Crocodile… Lol

  • Mackenzie

    the enterprising crocodie:D


    I’m a mongoose! But i thought those were meerkats!

  • William

    I have taken this test three times to see if there is
    another animal deep inside me that I don’t know about. Well, it always confirms
    one animal.

    •My ability to create
    multiple options for solving problems

    •I chart the course that others follow by defining the
    tactics, steps, and resources that are required to achieve the goal while
    keeping the bigger picture in perspective. I remain proactive and ensure that
    the plan is adjusted to meet my objectives.

    I am the Lion. Roar!

  • Sarah

    im a wildebeest

  • Sarah

    Im the king of the jungle now 🙂

    • William

      How can you be a wildebeest one minute and a lioness the
      next time? Will you be a wildebeests next time you take the test or a lioness,
      Sarah? Please let us know which animal are you wildebeest or lioness. You might
      be a little bit of both.

  • William

    My true sign is Leo and the test revealed that I was a
    lion as well. What are you or what did the test show you?

    The true Lion, William

  • h


  • Luke

    Enterprising crocodile

  • Luke

    intelligence, independence, creativity, imaginative, ambitious, couldn’t describe me better

  • Teremoana

    Yeahhh Im a Elephant..!!
    Successful in life and business

  • i got skittles

    im a mongoose, im going to kill a cobra

  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo


  • some random girl

    I’m a graceful giraffe! Didn’t see that one coming! Oh the irony – i’m very short! xD

  • Kathy Cross

    Elated Elephant! Enormously positive.

  • LE Brown

    I can not get the quiz to work, can someone assist me?

  • LE Brown

    Got it!

  • R Eaker

    I didn’t expect to be a Giraffe but when I took the quiz then read the summary it made sense. Thank you for making this available through the PM Organizational Project Management Community of Practice, (OPM CoP

    • Have you family members also take the quiz and see if they agree that you have the traits and skills of a gracious giraffe.

  • timmy

    Graceful Giraffe!!!

  • Madhu Gombar

    I am Graceful Giraffe!!!!!!

    I attended webinar at PMI site today — The Safari of Self Discovery — excellent seminar
    I recommend everyone to read “Surviving your Serengeti” — book by Stefan Swanepoel

  • Silvana Pulicari

    I’m an Enterprising Crocodile!

  • Danielle Davis

    WOW! I am the “Communicating Elephant!” That means that I am big like the boss and can remember anything that my little ears hear! So, watch out! LOL

  • Mark

    I took the test again in anticipation of Stefan coming to Portland in September. I am still a crocodile!

  • Warriorscats32502

    I am an Enterprising Crocodile. I could never see myself as a crocodile!

  • Warriorscats32502

    I’d much rather be a lion and reign king. I turned out to be a scaly crocodile. Oh well. Guess you can’t change what inner animal you are! 😀

  • Mehtab Hassan

    i am a strategic lion wow,good to about our inner body animal