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Surviving Your Serengeti

What if you could, in 200 seconds, at no cost, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, unlock your innate talents and communicate better with others. Discover your innate skill to master business and life.

About the Serengeti

As a brutal business environment meets a soft economy, business leaders and managers are looking for sources of both inspiration and survival.

This compelling fable offers a riveting tale of life in Africa’s Serengeti and what lessons it holds for today’s beleaguered business people and struggling society.

The 1.5 million wildebeest rely on stubborn endurance and support from the herd to survive; the crocodile is opportunistic; the cheetah ruthlessly effective; the giraffe embodies grace, the lion a master strategist, the mongoose is a risk-taker, the elephant is an excellent communicator.

About the Book

The travelers in the safari see in the Serengeti the essence of life itself and find a roadmap for mastering the difficulties and struggles we all experience every day.

Surviving Your Serengeti provides a larger-than-life metaphor for the problems and struggles humans and companies experience. The story reveals the primordial skills for overcoming adversity, conquering one’s fears and ultimately triumphing over all challenging conditions.

The wisdom of Surviving Your Serengeti reveals that no journey is ever too long, too far or too difficult. It reassures us that nothing is impossible, that we can overcome any obstacle and survive our own Serengeti. 

7 Skills to Master Business and Life

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What People Say

“One of a kind. You’ ll actually know more about yourself after you read this book.”


“Captivating. For those who are ready to clarify a code worth living by and who are willing to challenge convention to fulfill a meaningful purpose, professionally and personally.


“This is a surprisingly good business book that you can’t put down or wait to put into practice.


About the Author

Stefan’s life has been a “Serengeti journey” – from his birth in Kenya to his schooling in Hong Kong and South Africa to running a New York-based global franchise network with 25,000 sales associates in 30 countries.

He has served as president of seven companies and two nonprofit organizations. Stefan has authored forty-five books and reports on business trends, real estate, and social media. Stefan’s books have been featured on over 18 bestseller lists including the: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Huffington Post, CEO Read, and has been ranked #1 in 4 different categories on Amazon. He lives with his wife in Las Vegas. 

Stefan Swanepoel, NYT Best Selling Author


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