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7 Secrets in Becoming a Better Communicator

Communication is hard, very hard – even when you are good at it. So how do you improve become better at communication. Well, it all actually begins before you speak. Start by actively listening and showing respect to the speaker.

How do you do that? Well, focus on the message, sympathize with their feelings, try and really understand the facts being conveyed. Here is how I think you can master the 7 elements of talk:

  1. Listen with total attention to the other person and don’t interrupt the speaker.
  2. Focus on both the verbal and non verbal message.
  3. Make eye contact and adjust your body position so that you face the speaker.
  4. Make quick notes of items you may wish to respond to and return to listening.
  5. Clarify any potential areas of misunderstanding before interpreting the message.
  6. Don’t judge the message, just take it in.
  7. Sense their feelings or state of mind.

Interesting, right? Start being a great communicator by not speaking too soon. Think about these seven points next time you are talking with someone, and try to apply one or two of the above points. You will be amazed at the difference it will make.