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A Business Fable for Everyone

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An inspiring business fable from the heart of Africa.

Many companies are slowly coming out of the downturn. That’s awesome.  Meanwhile globalization, social media and changing consumer values have added new levels of complexity. It has become more difficult than ever before to build, motivate and lead a team.

New skills are required, but in many times it’s not enough. We also need to use every instinctive survival skill we have. We all have many of these skills, but we most likely are neglecting them as we are preoccupied and stressed. In few places in the world are the fundamental lessons of life so distinct, so prevalent, than in nature, and nowhere on earth is there a greater concentration of wildlife than on the Serengeti plains of East Africa.

In my business fable, Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life, two Americans that are deeply affected by the brutal business environment have a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on an African safari. One of them approaches the experience with enthusiasm while the other is reluctant and distant. Not only do they experience the beauty of nature and the exotic animals of the Africa jungle, but discover deeper meaning into the essence of life itself. The Serengeti migration becomes a road map for mastering the struggles we experience everyday.

We see that in the end that is it how we face the storms of life that determines our destiny and character. We learn that we already process certain key survival skills that will enable us to endure and succeed.

Enjoy with me an incredible journey of self-discovery as well as the annual migration of two million animals. A 1,000 miles struggle to overcome hunger, thirst, exhaustion and predation. Absolutely awe-inspiring!

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Stefan Swanepoel

Stefan Swanepoel - Stefan Swanepoel’s life has been a “Serengeti journey”—from his birth in Kenya to schooling in Hong Kong and South Africa eventually, running a New York-based global franchise network with 25,000 sales associates in 30 countries. In all he has served as president of seven companies and two non-profit organizations.