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A Gracious Supervisor

Supervisors often get a bad rap. Everyone has something to say about why their supervisor isn’t managing the people in their company or group as good as they should. Well, it’s true that not all people make good supervisors, but it’s also true that it’s hard to manage.

So what are the qualities of a great supervisor? Well, adding a dash of thoughtfulness, understanding, and consideration really goes a long way. People tend to feel more comfortable around someone that has a graceful attitude. That is where the gracious Giraffe mindset comes in.

Graceful supervisors value their employees and care about them as individuals and value all their contributions no matter how great or small.

Here are five bullets I have to remind me how to establish a better work environment:

  • Share credit for a job well done
  • Support others without expecting recognition
  • Always be objective, careful and truthful
  • Respect other people’s opinions and contributions
  • Stand strong on values and honesty

Leading with a graceful attitude always leads to a better work environment!