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Often the Most Underestimated Skill

Being able to endure like a wildebeest should be one of the most admired and desired skills. The person who wins is often not the fastest or the one who comes in first, but the one who is willing to endure and finish the race. We al…

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7 Secrets in Becoming a Better Communicator

Communication is hard, very hard – even when you are good at it. So how do you improve become better at communication. Well, it all actually begins before you speak. Start by actively listening and showing respect to the speaker.
How do you do that? Well, focus on the message, sympathize with their feelings, try and really understand the facts being conveyed. Here is how I think you can master the 7 elements of talk:

Listen with total attention to the other person and don’t […]

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The Fine Art of Communication

It’s time to hit the campaign trial!
I am not referring to Ferrell and Galifianakis in the movie “The Campaign” that was released last week, but rather the “other two” that are on their presidential campaign trail. I travel a fair amount (about 165,000 miles a year) but can’t even begin to fathom the millions of miles they must travel. (I do suppose it’s a tad different in Air Force One compared to Southwest Airlines, right?)
OK, so this is not a political post. My Weekly wisdom […]

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Tenacity Creates Incredibly Inspiring Stories

Life is difficult for most people. Striving and achieving at any level requires talent, focus, commitment and tons of endurance. To succeed at the highest level such as the Olympics is not possible for most of us.
So when you see someone reach that level of excellence it is moving… and 100 times more, when that person has a serious disability…such as no legs.
I can’t even begin to fathom what it would be to be a double amputee. Yet South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius is now […]

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Overcoming Insurmountable Hurdles

It seems that the USA is blessed with another naturally talented swimmer…Missy Franklin, the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic Swim team. Last week she set a world record in the 200 backstroke as well as winning four Olympic medals. A superstar is revealed and we are all in awe. Sheer athletic brilliance!
It’s evident that Missy has an incredible gift; a great swimming physique…at the age of 17 she is already 6.1 ft tall, has a size 13 feet and a wingspan of 6.4 feet…and […]

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7 Steps in Creating a Great Plan

As I started writing this post I had to take a moment to reflect on the passing of highly respected author last week.
Stephen Richards Covey (79) died on Monday July 16th after complications from falling from a bicycle in April. Covey was in my opinion one of the world’s foremost authorities on leadership. He was an American educator par excellence, a multiple times New York Times best selling author, and a great motivational speaker. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Among the […]

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One Company’s Trash – Another Company’s Treasure

Great story of someone who saw the future.
In the late 1980s, Ken Kutaragi was watching his daughter play a Nintendo game console and he realized the potential of video games. At that time, Sony’s executives had little interest in video games, and when Nintendo expressed interest, Kutaragi responded by working in secret. Sony execs nearly fired him after discovering his sideline project, but then-CEO Norio Ohga realized the value of his innovation and encouraged Kutaragi’s efforts. With Sony’s blessing, Kutaragi worked with Nintendo […]

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What do you do when you are tired?


What happens when your body and mind is exhausted but you know you must push on?
Our physical condition and fitness provides us the bodily energy we need to press ahead while our mental fortitude is the drive that keeps our mind on track when our reserves start running on low.
Therefore, it is vitally important that you develop ways to continuously build and strengthen your mental tenacity. Although it’s hard for most of us to commit to regular exercise, we all know what we should do […]

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A Gracious Supervisor

Supervisors often get a bad rap. Everyone has something to say about why their supervisor isn’t managing the people in their company or group as good as they should. Well, it’s true that not all people make good supervisors, but it’s also true that it’s hard to manage.
So what are the qualities of a great supervisor? Well, adding a dash of thoughtfulness, understanding, and consideration really goes a long way. People tend to feel more comfortable around someone that has a graceful attitude. That is […]

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Plan and the just do it.

Whether you win first, second, or third place in a race, it is imperative to train and implement a plan of action. You need a strategy to get into good shape, and must be willing to go through the pain or suffering that it requires. It’s the same in business – have a good and sound strategy.
The origin of the word strategy finds its roots in the Greek language: stratos (army) and ago (leading) or strategia (generalship), and while related today, it drifts from the […]

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