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Best Seller Lists!!

I am grateful for the huge amount of accolades and acknowledgment “Surviving your Serengeti has received from numerous leading newspapers, organizations and bookstores by being listed as a best seller.

Thank you!

Listed on over 10 Best Sellers lists!

It is immensely gratifying that the message of the fable has been so well received and is being shared with so many people. Also thrilling is the over 50 reviews we have received on Amazon (all 5 stars) and the 10 reviews we have received on (all 5 stars).

Thank you to everyone that posted (and will still post) a review.

Below a summary of the bestseller lists that we have seen – some are overall best sellers lists, some are non-fiction best sellers, some are hardcover lists and some are for the business books. Amazon provides much more detail and lists in multiple categories (usually 3 – 5) – more than any other distributor/retailer/newspaper.

Here are the best seller lists we we made that we are aware of:

#4 New York Times (first week)

#10 New York Times (second week)

#2 USA Today

#6 Wall Street Journal
 (Non Fiction)

#3 Wall Street Journal (Business)

#11 Publishers Weekly

#2 Amazon Top 100 Overall

#2 Amazon Business & Investing

#1 Amazon Business Life

#2 Amazon Religion

#1 Amazon Spirituality

#1 Amazon Personal Improvement

#1 Amazon Self Help

#1 Amazon Outdoor and Nature

#1 Amazon Survival

#1 Barnes and Noble Top 100

#1 Barnes & Noble Flying off the Shelf



#11 San Francisco Chronicle

#3 ABC

#6 Huffington Post

#11 Miami Herald


#20 CEO Read (first month)

#6 CEO Read (second month)

#6 Inc. Magazine

We are honored for being included in all bestseller lists but have a special excitement and warmth for the New York Times (#4), Wall Street Journal Business (#3), Amazon Spirituality (#1), Amazon Personal Improvement (#1) as well as the Barnes and Noble Top 100 (#1).

Stefan Swanepoel

Stefan Swanepoel - Stefan Swanepoel’s life has been a “Serengeti journey”—from his birth in Kenya to schooling in Hong Kong and South Africa eventually, running a New York-based global franchise network with 25,000 sales associates in 30 countries. In all he has served as president of seven companies and two non-profit organizations.