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“ One of a kind. You’ ll actually know more about yourself after you read this book.”
— Ken Blanchard
#1 New York Times best-selling author
Author of The One Minute Manager ®, Gung Ho! and Leading at a Higher Level

“ This compelling story is masterfully written. I recommend this book unreservedly for anyone wanting to fine-tune their success plan!”
— Don Hutson
CEO of U.S. Learning, and coauthor of the New York Times #1 Best-Seller, The One Minute Entrepreneur and The One Minute Negotiator

“Captivating. For those who are ready to clarify a code worth living by and who are willing to challenge convention to fulfill a meaningful purpose, professionally and personally.”
— Susan Scott
New York Times best selling author of Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership

“ This a terrific book. I enjoyed it immensely.”
— Bob Burg
National bestselling author of The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More

“An instant classic! Discover the very best strategies to navigate through difficult times!”
— Tom Ferry
CEO of and Author of the New York Times best seller Life! By Design

“This is a surprisingly good business book that you can’t put down or wait to put intopractice.”
— Brendon Burchard
Author, Life’s Golden Ticket

“Surviving Your Serengeti is an exciting journey about life and business for any age, young and old”.
— Dale Stinton
CEO, National Association of Realtors®

“The perfect “visual” experience to simulate the skills required to take your mastery of business to the next level. I could not put this book down!”
— Mark Willis
CEO, Keller Williams Realty International

“It takes more than good business sense to survive changing economies and this impactful book will inspire readers to pursue their dreams and overcome seemingly impossible odds.”
— Dave Liniger
Founder & Chairman, RE/MAX International

” Superb! Swanepoel shows he can write business fables as well as he does real estate trends. Exciting and educational, all wrapped into one experience.”
— Alex Perriello
President and CEO, Realogy Franchise Group

“ A rare book in management literature. Enjoyable, informative read, with clear applications to be successful.”
— John Ullmen, Ph.D.
UCLA Anderson School of M anagement

“Incredible perspective on life’s challenges and how to maneuver through them successfully.”
— Gary Danielson
CBS commentator and former NFL quarterback

Reviews since January 2011

“Easily the best book of 2010 and one of the most powerful in recent memory.”
Social Media and Technology Consultant at Top Producer Systems
Cleveland, Ohio

“This book is a great learning experience for everyone, young and old, business and non-business alike. I liked is so much I even wrote a blog post and made a video review of the book. Please make an effort to read this book, because I guarantee you that you WILL learn something new about yourself, and you WILL learn a lot about other people and why they behave the way that they do. And you will learn all of these things through the telling of an interesting and quick story. Check out “Surviving your Serengeti.” You’ll be glad you did!”
CEO, ProfessionalOne Real Estate
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“It takes a lot for me to choose a book over the computer; my mind doesn’t usually rest long enough for me to just read. But this book was different. It becomes personal as it pulls you in; you begin to relate to how these beautiful animals work alone, as competitors, yet coexist together in the Serengeti. You begin to feel the symbolism, how the story parallels our lives, how people in all walks of life can learn from one another and work together. I found this inspiring and fascinating. A must read!”
Associate Broker at The Swan Agency, Sotheby’s International Realty
Bangor, Maine

“It is one of most extraordinary books I’ve read for quite some time. I found myself captivated by the simplicity, the eloquence and the elegance of how the parable was related. There’s no doubt that I will re-read it again and again.”
Warburg Realty, New Your, New York

“It really is an excellent book. In honesty I haven’t read a book from cover to cover in years because it takes a lot to keep my attention. I read this in 3 days and when I had to break couldn’t wait to get back to it.”
Real Living Realty Expert
Raleigh, North Carolina

“So often business books bombard you with textbook style writing to get their point across. Stefan skillfully guides you through a safari of the Serengeti animal kingdom and eloquently teaches you the seven skills to be learned from these fascinating creatures. The book can only be aptly described as an incredible ‘Safari of Self Discovery’!”
Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate. President of the Utah County Association of REALTORS
Salt Lake City, Utah

“For people that don’t like business books, you’ll love this book! Stefan does an amazing job of bringing the Serengeti to life and transporting you to that place.”
President of Business Development Training for the Wisconsin Listing Network
Coach and founder of two companies.

“I read this book twice this last week so I can let you know exactly how it impacted me. This is a great book that’s applicable to life. It’s not only related to your business but also how people act in the personal relationships. Take a few hours out of your busy day and take a stroll through the Serengeti and find out what animal you are.”
Heads up The Landry Team at Keller Williams Realty First Coast
Jacksonville, Florida.

“Buy and give this book to everyone in your company. Let them learn, then empower them using their new-found knowledge. Accessible, exceptional and essential reading for the Business 2.0 set; and anyone looking to get their organization there.”
— Nobu Hata
Edina Realty and Founding Member of MAAR Realtors Young Professionals Network
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“The first thing I liked about the book is that I learned more about myself. The book took me deeper into knowing something about my personal skills. The second thing I loved about the book is the team building aspect of the book. Every member of my team took the quiz and we each learned what animal we are and we have been able to connect with these different animals and skills. “
Founder and CEO, The GoodLife Team
Austin, Texas

“I am always looking for books that confirm how and why I do the things I do. This book Surviving Your Serengeti did not disappoint, in fact, I loved it. I was in the midst of reading a few books on TEAM building and understanding the dynamics involved, when this book came in the mail for my review. Surviving Your Serengeti provided a fantastic context for understanding how I handle situations and understanding how my team members respond to my Croc style. Couldn’t put it down! Am buying it when released for all my TEAM members.”
Associate Broker and Heads Up Missy Caulk Team in Keller Williams Realty
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I gave the Quiz to my teens… one son is a wildebeest. You may have given my 18-year old son Alec the confidence to go for it! Very powerful encouragement and I THANK you sincerely for that! Forever in your debt now! He has now on his facebook page for other 18 year olds…may help change their lives. Wow!”
Realtor with Keller Williams
Charlotte, North Carolina

“This book is something you really have to take advantage of. It’s just fantastic! I intend to fully use this as business tool.”
Business Consultant ERA Franchise Systems

“This is really a unique business parable. There are a lot of business self-help books but this one is especially interesting as there is a story, a plot, characters and a lot of thought behind it. Within these characters and plot you will learn the business lessons.”
Associate at Park Square Realty
Westfield, Massachusetts

“By reading this book you learn how your skill set allows you to survive the trials and tribulations that life will inevitably throw at you.”
VP of Operations, Professional One
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“This book is certain to become a classic! Stefan Swanepoel’s concept of describing the Serengeti survival strategies in the form of a business parable gives the book an immediacy and an instant connection with the reader. While you might not ever live out the survival drama of the Serengeti, the concepts in this book will hone your survival skills.”
— Wayne Hulbert
Blog Business World
Winnipeg, Canada