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What do you do when you are tired?


What happens when your body and mind is exhausted but you know you must push on?
Our physical condition and fitness provides us the bodily energy we need to press ahead while our mental fortitude is the drive that keeps our mind on track when our reserves start running on low.
Therefore, it is vitally important that you develop ways to continuously build and strengthen your mental tenacity. Although it’s hard for most of us to commit to regular exercise, we all know what we should do […]

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A Gracious Supervisor

Supervisors often get a bad rap. Everyone has something to say about why their supervisor isn’t managing the people in their company or group as good as they should. Well, it’s true that not all people make good supervisors, but it’s also true that it’s hard to manage.
So what are the qualities of a great supervisor? Well, adding a dash of thoughtfulness, understanding, and consideration really goes a long way. People tend to feel more comfortable around someone that has a graceful attitude. That is […]

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Plan and the just do it.

Whether you win first, second, or third place in a race, it is imperative to train and implement a plan of action. You need a strategy to get into good shape, and must be willing to go through the pain or suffering that it requires. It’s the same in business – have a good and sound strategy.
The origin of the word strategy finds its roots in the Greek language: stratos (army) and ago (leading) or strategia (generalship), and while related today, it drifts from the […]

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Top 7 Friction Factors

Being efficient and effective is what many of us strive for. But we have all learned that is hard to constantly maintain a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. So many things happen or cause us to veer off our path.
The obvious solution then to increase efficiency is to find ways of reducing the friction. That’s of course easier said that done, but it’s a great place to start by looking at the friction factors that consume your resources:

Fatigue, both mental and physical
Lack of knowledge, […]

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Does the Universe give us Signals?

I had no idea I would stumble upon the Surviving Your Serengeti quiz this afternoon, says Stephanie in a new blog post.
Nor did I have any idea of the outcome. I read this book about 2 years ago. Then I was in the midst of a real estate career that didn’t make me happy. Moving from one place to another, kind of fighting a shift from one era to the next. My life has been full of eras, cycles. I seem grow in stages that […]

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Ernest Shackleton: An Exceptional Example of Endurance

Although Shackleton died without having achieved his goal of traversing the continent of Antarctica, he is remembered for something even more extraordinary.
After his ship, the Endurance, became hopelessly trapped in pack ice, Shackleton abandoned his goal and through astonishing tenacity ensured the survival of all 27 of his crewmen despite unbelievable odds that lasted two years. So impressed was the crew with his fearless tenacity that eight members of the ill-fated Endurance voyage even signed up for Shackleton’s next expedition to Antarctica.  Harvard Business School […]

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Today BING is using an awesome video clip of some giraffes walking at sunset. It beautiful. The Serengeti really does look like that! Wanna go?

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The Value Proposition of Entrepreneurs

Some organizations see the enterprising and creative spirit as the innovation that drives the company forward while other organizations see it as a disruptive force that does not wish to conform with the systems have already been proved they work.
I actually believe that the enterprising crocodile brings much to the team and therefore I thought I would list a few of the strengths I see:

Your very strong competitive spirit.
Your positive belief that you can control your own destiny.
Your high level of drive and energy.
Your self-confidence […]

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Risk Assessment: When is Risk OK?

Formalizing processes manage risk is an important part of leadership. As a skilled Mongoose-type leader you want to know if the risk is an isolated or serious problem or a potential reoccurring issue.  In order to determine that you need to wait for a complete picture to emerge that will reflect more information about potential delays, costs and/or losses. Then, once the information has been analyzed, you can make an appropriate, weighted and informed decision can be made in light of recommendations from all affected […]

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Staying on Track to Build Better Teams

More people, more opinions, more misunderstanding, more mistakes, more frustration…
We have all been part of a team that isn’t clicking as well as it could. Here are five suggestions that will help get or keep your team on track:

Direct, motivate, educate, monitor and mentor individual team members to gain valuable input and support buy-in through direct communication of the strategic direction and the reasoning behind it.
Carefully assess each member’s abilities, make assignments that align with those abilities, avoid putting the wrong person in the wrong […]

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