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Being an Effective and Efficient Leader

Last week I shared with you how you could be more efficient. This week I thought I would to talk about how you can be a more effective and efficient leader if you are managing a group of people.  As a Cheetah leader it’s your responsibility to be certain that the team stays focused at all times.
The following are some elements that will help you to your efficiency:

Shared goals and objectives – make sure everyone has an overall understanding of the role of their team […]

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Learn to Say “No!”

To ensure that you are maintaining a high level of efficiency you need to focus on getting things accomplished by consuming the right amount of resources and energy to get the job done. This usually means you can do everything and therefore you need to get into certain habits that will make you more effective.
Saying “No” is definitely a quick, although not always that stress-free a response. Here are however 10 easy habits anyone can adopt:

Ensure each day is scheduled.
Ensure every task is prioritized with […]

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Earth Day: The Best of Nature Photos

Earth Day

Twilight of the Giants
“During the year I spent living in the Okavango Delta of Botswana, I worked at night for periods of time, waking up at sunset to follow animals through the hours of darkness,” says photographer Frans Lanting. “I often started the evening at a favorite water hole where I hunkered down by the edge and made myself a fixture in the landscape. Elephants moved around me in the waning light like shadowy forms. One evening […]

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Don’t Color Over The Lines

Winning is important, but how you go about it is far more important. It’s all about dignity and honor. Transcending day-to-day turmoil. Taking the longer view approach. Seeing the bigger picture.
Yeah I know, it’s hard… but it’s the right thing to do. Make your word mean something.
Cutting corners and trying to get away with something just because no one is looking or because you can isn’t the honorable thing to do.
It’s an often-overlooked skill or strength that is so beautifully demonstrated by the giraffe […]

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Life is different in Kenya, East Africa

Widespread literacy. Low infant mortality. Sanitary medical facilities. These are a few of the things we take for granted in developed countries. In places like western Kenya, in East Africa, life is very different. Recently I heard an awesome story of someone that decided to make a difference.
Judy Pitt, a real estate agent with the Wright Kingdom Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado. She knows how much clean water matters. Through her nonprofit Kazi Yake (, which translates from Swahili to mean “His works,” she has […]

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Please Review Stefan Swanepoel on SpeakerMix Speakers Bureau

Please help Stefan build his awareness beyond his real estate following by giving him a short review on, the largest online speakers directory and encyclopedia.
Here’s How:
Click on the link below and then on the Stefan Swanepoel profile page, click on the WRITE REVIEW button(just under Stefan’s name at the top) and write a review. It does not have to be long and can reference Stefan’s Real Estate Trends talks, his Mobile and technology talks, or his latest inspirational talk, Safari of Self Discovery.
You can […]

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5 Simple Steps to Deal with Risk

Weekly Wisdom #5
5 Simple Steps to Deal with Risk

Most people don’t enjoy danger and the challenges usually associated with chance, change and risk. But we don’t always have a choice and often life requires us to face our fears head on.
Here are five steps you, whether as an organization or an individual, you can use to effectively deal with risk:

Identification – Identify the risks that are most likely to impact achieving your goals and objectives along with their sources and potential impact because any […]

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I loved this book says Connie

The reader may want to have a journal or notebook close by while reading this book [Surviving Your Serengeti].  There are many questions and thoughts that will come into the readers mind and it is a great time to write them down while the self discovery process is occurring.
It is different from any self discovery book I have ever read. This book can be used by anyone at any stage of their life.  It can be used […]

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Peter the Elephant Using a Samsung Tablet!

You will smile within seconds of watching this video. Amazing! An elephant enjoying the wonders of modern technology.

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Do Crocodiles like Rewards?

Enterprising people, or crocodiles as they are represented in the “What Animal Am I?” quiz, prosper in an atmosphere that provides ongoing challenges, change and growth. They thrive in a competitive environment and enjoy discove…

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