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Business Books: What corporate America is reading

A year after the release of the business and life fable Surviving Your Serengeti it has bubbled back on to the Top 25 list published by CEORead. Widely recognized as the leader in identifying and providing business books to the business world CEORead publishes a list of the most popular books being read by the corporate world.
Topping the list this month is the ”hot off the press” Uncommon Service, by Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei and coauthor Anne Morriss (Harvard Business Press). Rounding out […]

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7 Simple Steps to Setting Goals

Everyone can benefit from thinking more strategically, but before you can start to develop a strategy you must know your end goal. It is estimated that approximately 70% of us fail to set goals and only 5% go so far as putting them …

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Great Communication Starts With…

Talking is the human process by which we exchange our thoughts, intentions and objectives. As they are ours we know what they mean but as every person has had different life experiences, and therefore may attach different meanings, …

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Happy One-Year Anniversary Serengeti!

Today, one year ago Surviving Your Serengeti: & Skills to Master Business & Life was officially launched in the Anaheim convention Center with a 75 minute keynote presentation by Stefan Swanepoel, titled: Safari of Self Discovery! (see launch video here). It was the Keller Williams Realty International annual business conference and some 9,000 agents filled the huge auditorium to the brim creating a standing room only crowd!
Shortly after the inspirational, fun and high-energy talk thousands of attendees stormed the Serengeti booth (see photos on facebook) […]

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Guest Post by Emily Medvec of Santa Fe, New Mexico

About the only thing Santa Fe and the Serengeti and Social Media have in common is the letter S. The climate zones, the geography, the animals along with cultures, lifestyle, food and everything in between is radically different. Yet, somehow the gift of a book, Surviving Your Serengeti and learning to adapt to Social Media made be see new connections from my Santa Fe window of real estate.
It was only a year ago that I wrote this post Surviving Your […]

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Top Shelf

We recently received a note from a Serengeti supporter you saw Surviving Your Serengeti at the Theodore Francis Green State Airport, in Warrick, six miles south of Providence on Rhode Island (see photo).
Seems like the animals have taken over, as two books left of us, is “All I know about management I learned from my dog.”

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New Offices For Serengeti Team

Effective the beginning of 2012 the Serengeti Team has a few miles south to one of south Orange County premier office buildings, Westcore Executive Center, at 29122 Rancho Viejo Road, in San Juan Capistrano.
The offices are conveniently located at the intersection of Interstate 5 and the 73 Toll Road as close to Mission Viejo Mall and 20 minutes from John Wayne Airport.
The two large courtyards are adorned with huge metal sculptures of Columbian Mammoth, an extinct species of elephant. (How appropriate is that!).
The Columbian […]

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How people are using the Wisdom of the Serengeti

Taylor Oldroyd

I was chatting with Taylor Oldroyd, the CEO of the Utah County Association of Realtors, the other day. He shared how he had used the Serengeti wisdom in three different places in his life.
With his team, his family and at a party. Wow!! I never envisaged that Surviving Your Serengeti would touch so many people, and on so many levels. I am absolute delighted!
Taylor’s story is so cool that I asked him to share the details. He obliged and sent me below summary. Thank you […]

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Happy Holidays

On behalf of the whole Serengeti team, 
and myself personally,
we would like to wish you all
a very Merry Christmas!!
May you have a blessed time with your family and friends!!
Thank you for all your support and wishing you an awesome 2012!!

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May we ask you a favor?

One of our goals this year was to get 200 book reviews on
We are at 194 but not quite there.
Would you please do us a favor and help by posting us a review for Surviving Your Serengeti on Amazon at
We would really appreciate your support very much!

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