Book Club
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A book club, often also referred to as a reading group, is a collection of people that are fond of reading and enjoy participating in the regular discussions on a specific book. Traditionally, a book club consists of several members who meet in person each month to talk about a specific work. Book clubs are sometimes formal organized groups while other book clubs are informal social get-togethers.

If you are looking for a book that will create an enjoyable, fun, lively and thought provoking discussion at your next book club, then consider the new life fable Surviving Your Serengeti. Yes I know the title sounds different, but this enjoyable quick read is for all ages and people of all walks of life. There are no sensitive or controversial issues – it’s a fable, a parable about life, and the journey we take through it. Surviving Your Serengeti will take you on a mental safari through Africa, introduce you to seven exotic wild animals, and then expose you the valuable lessons and skills we can learn from each animal.

There is also a surprisingly accurate online quiz (free via any mobile device) that everyone in the book club can take and discover in 3 minutes whether they are a communication elephant, a risk-taking mongoose, a gracious giraffe or another one of the “Serengeti Seven.”

What we can promise you is that Africa-born, New York Times bestselling author, Stefan Swanepoel will have you look at people from a whole new perspective.

We have created a special reading group guide for book clubs that is now available as a free download. (See below)

You can also download the first two chapters of the book free if you would like to quickly get into the story.

Surviving Your Serengeti is available at most libraries, local bookstores as well as on Kindle, Nook, iTunes and as an audio book.

Make you next book club meeting everyone will be talking about for months!