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Does the Universe give us Signals?

I had no idea I would stumble upon the Surviving Your Serengeti quiz this afternoon, says Stephanie in a new blog post.

Nor did I have any idea of the outcome. I read this book about 2 years ago. Then I was in the midst of a real estate career that didn’t make me happy. Moving from one place to another, kind of fighting a shift from one era to the next. My life has been full of eras, cycles. I seem grow in stages that tend to shift very rapidly. I don’t always see them coming. I don’t always move through them gracefully. This one was no different.

I have these moments often… do you get them? When you are driving down the road and a thought pops into your head, then a car passes you with a bumper sticker or word on the license plate that matches your thought. Or I would be thinking of a past memory and a then song will come on the radio that relates.

Well…read the rest of Stephanie’s great post here and let us know if you believe that the Universe gives us signals. We do!

We are honored that Surviving Your Serengeti, may have provided you a signal or that little nudge of confidence. You have our sincere best wishes with the path you have now embarked upon!

  • Steph

    I’m honored you enjoyed my post! I truly enjoyed Surviving Your Serengeti and have recommended it to many. 

    Again, thank you!