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Lion Gallery

This week’s gallery focuses on the Lion.

This week we feature a selection of pictures that focus on one of the seven animals discussed in Surviving Your Serengeti. These pictures on the following page were all taken by the author himself.

Check out the gallery here

  • Roger

    Greetings Stefan, i am a photographer living in Jamaica and did a
    wedding but the Bride wanted something with a difference to she got a
    lion image and proposed the shot.. i did the photos and edits but now
    searching for the original image i came across your name alongside the
    image and even though i didn’t get to ask permission to use your image
    before, i am asking now that i know who it belong to.. Credits will be
    added to the image and it will not be used for any other purpose but
    social media and the Bride’s album.. N.B. I haven’t printed it as yet.

  • Roger