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Plan and the just do it.

Whether you win first, second, or third place in a race, it is imperative to train and implement a plan of action. You need a strategy to get into good shape, and must be willing to go through the pain or suffering that it requires. It’s the same in business – have a good and sound strategy.

The origin of the word strategy finds its roots in the Greek language: stratos (army) and ago (leading) or strategia (generalship), and while related today, it drifts from the original military framework of moving troops to achieve victory in war, to being more about:

  1. Enabling the achievement of objectives through a series of choices that affect outcomes.
  2. Devising or employing plans or stratagems (maneuvers or schemes) employed to achieve a goal.
  3. General guidance for specific actions in pursuit of particular ends.
  4. Achieving the desired goals rather than determining what those goals are or ought to be or how they are established.
  5. Being accommodating and adaptive rather than rigidly tied to a definite set of instructions.

So, to achieve your goals in business, create a sound strategy, then go out and just do it!