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“A widely recognized resource on leadership, real estate and social media, Stefan Swanepoel has been featured in media outlets around the globe.”
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STEFAN SWANEPOEL’s life has been a “Serengeti journey”—from his birth in Kenya to schooling in Hong Kong and South Africa to running a New York-based global franchise network with 25,000 sales associates in 30 countries. He has served as president of seven companies and two non-profit organizations.

His academic accomplishments include a bachelor’s in science, a master’s in business economics and diplomas in arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, computer science and marketing.

Stefan is widely recognized as the leading visionary on real estate business trends, change and social media in the Unites States. He has given over 700 talks in 8 countries and 42 states to over 400,000 people and has penned 19 books and reports including:

• The best-seller Real Estate confronts Reality

• The highly acclaimed annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report (2006, 07, 08, 09 and 2010)

• The new annual Swanepoel SOCIAL MEDIA Report (2010)

His latest book Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life (WILEY; 192 pages) is due for release in March 2011.

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Did you know? For every copy of Surviving your Serengeti that is sold, part of the proceeds are donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.

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