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Video Testiomnials

Mark Willis

“The perfect “visual” experience to simulate the skills required to take your mastery of business to the next level”

CEO Keller Williams Realty

Additional Testimonials

“Stefan is engaging, dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate about life and helping others. His pure joy shines through every presentation he makes. His intelligence is exceptionally high, but you never feel as though he is above the crowd, he connects with everyone and you can see the rapt attention he gets from his audience.”
— Maya Paveza , Maya Paveza, Inc.
Many Times (NAR, Triple Play, Inman Connect)

“Too often we find that experts are either great writers OR great speakers – rarely do we find both in one incredibly talented and passionate person. Swanepoel is that rare breed that gives you the total package. Make sure you experience the brilliance that is Stefan.”
— Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Professional Impact, Inc.
San Diego, CA

“Love Stephan’s engaging style of passion and use of multimedia. Engaging. Captivating!”
— Tonya Hayes, Keller Williams
2011 Keller Williams National Convention

“Stefan takes command of the audience the moment he begins speaking and keeps us in the palm of his hand thru the entire presentation.”
–Terry Penza, CEO NSBAR
2011 Association Executive Institute Annual Conference, Dallas Texas

“Your compelling story and engaging presentation were among the best I’ve ever heard… I was totally engaged. I would recommend ANYONE, without hesitation, to not miss your presentation!”
— Mike Brodie, Operating Principle and Regional Director, Keller Williams Realty
2011 Family Reunion

“If Stefan had been the only speaker on our program the attendees would still have gone home happy.”
— Russ Bergeron , CEO MRED LLC
2010 Council of MLSs Conference, Chicago, IL

“Phenomenal. Stefan is engaging and connects well with the audience. I would definitely attend another one of his talks!”
— Kelli Wallace, Keller Williams Realty
2011 Colorado Rocky Mountain Summit

“We survey the hundreds of attendees and Stefan’s rankings are off the chart!”
— Matt Dollinger, VP @Properties
2011 Awards Celebration, Chicago, IL

“I would never think of missing your talk.”
— Greg Anderson , Broker-Owner RE/MAX Advisors, Minnesota

“This is the fourth time I have experienced one of Stefan’s presentations. Each was uniquely different yet equally engaging. Stefan weaves a tale that carries the audience from his seat into the story. And in doing so delivers an experience few speakers can.”
— Frank Spencer, President TIGAR
2011 Keller Williams Family Reunion

“Stefan has an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. He knows what he is talking about and you see passion when he speaks – you really feel it.”
— Peter Cimino, BNAR
2011 Safari of Self Discovery, New York

“Is it is always clear from the first minute that you are going to learn something. There are very few speakers with his varied and successful background and level of success before he ever stepped on a speaker’s platform.”
2010 Carolina’s Annual Year End Event

“Normally to meet someone of Stefan’s GENIUS would require a high level security clearance – he provides gut wrenching, real-world content, in a hilarious way while putting out enough passion and energy to power a small country. “
— Terry Watson , Speaker & Trainer
Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Conference

Stefan in Action

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