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A Business Fable for Everyone

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Many companies are slowly coming out of the downturn. That’s awesome.  Meanwhile globalization, social media and changing consumer values have added new levels of complexity. It has become more difficult than ever before to build, motivate and lead a team.
New skills are required, but in many times it’s not enough. We also need to use every instinctive survival skill we have. We all have many of these skills, but we most likely are neglecting them as we are preoccupied and stressed. In few places in […]

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This book is certain to become a classic!

So says Wayne Hulbert (@WayneHulbert) of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada in his blog at Blog Business World. Read the full review here.  “Stefan Swanepoel’s concept of describing the Serengeti survival strategies in the form of a business parable gives the book an immediacy and an instant connection with the reader.”
While you might not ever live out the survival drama of the Serengeti, the concepts in this book will hone your survival skills. Discover your own inner animal traits and strategies.
Tune into a live interview […]

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What Skills Set You Apart?

“By reading this book you learn how your skillset allows you to survive the trials and tribulations that life will inevitably throw at you” says Todd Waller VP of Operations of Professional One. Todd is also co-founded of the blog, and frequently co-hosts the talk radio show He studied Political Science at University of Michigan-Dearborn.  You can follow this graceful giraffe on Twitter @toddwaller and hear his review of Surviving Your Serengeti below.

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Business Fables and Other Great Books

Business Fables: The Last 12 years – A Year by Year Account!
Business Fables is a growing popularity and I enjoy reading them. Listed below are some great business fables that I have read by some fantastic authors.
How many have you read? OK, just see to how many titles and authors do you recognize? I will start the list with the one that is probably the most recognized one of them all.
1998 – Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson
1998 – Gung Ho! by Ken […]

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Efficiency Is

Efficiency is…
A short extract from
Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life
(Publication by J Wiley & Sons on March 1st, 2011)

The granite kopjes’ rough and jumbled surfaces were formed from years of volcanic activity that had been eroded by the sun and the rain. Navigating straight downhill where there was no pathway was considerably bumpier than the river’s landscape.
“Over there!” Zachariah shouted.
Sean picked up the long-range binoculars again and looked in the direction Zachariah was pointing, but there were literally hundreds of mounds. […]

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NEWS FLASH: Zooming past 3,000th person

At the beginning of this week we announced that 2,000 people had taken the online Quiz. Well, yesterday we zoomed passed our 3,000th person to join the safari and discover “What Animal They Are?”
Share in the fun 3-minute online quiz. Learn something new about yourself. Take the quiz here.

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For people that don’t like business books, you’ll love this book

For people that don’t like business books, you’ll love this book!
So says weekly business book reviewer, Darin Persinger. Stefan does an amazing job of bringing the Serengeti to life and transporting you to that place. This is not your typical “business book”. It is a narrative, a story about business owner, Sean and his wife Ashley. It is the story of their trip to Africa and the wisdom they pick up from their guide Zachariah.
Guitar playing uncle Darin is known as well known as the […]

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