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A Business Fable for Everyone

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Many companies are slowly coming out of the downturn. That’s awesome.  Meanwhile globalization, social media and changing consumer values have added new levels of complexity. It has become more difficult than ever before to build, motivate and lead a team.
New skills are required, but in many times it’s not enough. We also need to use every instinctive survival skill we have. We all have many of these skills, but we most likely are neglecting them as we are preoccupied and stressed. In few places in […]

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Often the Most Underestimated Skill

Being able to endure like a wildebeest should be one of the most admired and desired skills. The person who wins is often not the fastest or the one who comes in first, but the one who is willing to endure and finish the race. We al…

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Thank you to our loyal readers

We have well over 200 reviews on for Surviving Your Serengeti (
Thank you. Thank YOU! THANK YOU!!!

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Surviving Your Serengeti short cuts

We have receive so many calls and emails asking us to direct people to certain pages, either within our website, or to one of the many online activities regarding Surviving Your Serengeti so here is the list of short cuts we created a year ago.
Home page  –
Read the Latest Buzz  –
Get First Two Chapters Free –
Book Club Download –
To Watch Videos –
Share Your Serengeti Story –
Bestseller Lists We Made –
Quiz on Website – […]

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Why is the Cheetah on the cover of a business book?

Well, now that I think about it, there are probable about four reasons. Remember I am a strategic lion myself, so the cover wasn’t just a random, quick choice – it was planned, considered, researched, considered again, reviewed and considered again.
So reason one. I love the “big cats” and of the big three felines in Africa – the lion, leopard and cheetah – the cheetah is my favorite.  The slender, sleek, graceful, swift predator has beautiful golden, short, spotted fur with a bushy white tuft […]

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10 Great Ideas From A Recent Business Book

Thanks to Eileen McClelland who recently wrote a blog post featuring “10 Great Ideas From A Recent Business Book” and featured Surviving Your Serengeti. You can read her post here.


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Tenacity Creates Incredibly Inspiring Stories

Life is difficult for most people. Striving and achieving at any level requires talent, focus, commitment and tons of endurance. To succeed at the highest level such as the Olympics is not possible for most of us.
So when you see someone reach that level of excellence it is moving… and 100 times more, when that person has a serious disability…such as no legs.
I can’t even begin to fathom what it would be to be a double amputee. Yet South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius is now […]

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One Company’s Trash – Another Company’s Treasure

Great story of someone who saw the future.
In the late 1980s, Ken Kutaragi was watching his daughter play a Nintendo game console and he realized the potential of video games. At that time, Sony’s executives had little interest in video games, and when Nintendo expressed interest, Kutaragi responded by working in secret. Sony execs nearly fired him after discovering his sideline project, but then-CEO Norio Ohga realized the value of his innovation and encouraged Kutaragi’s efforts. With Sony’s blessing, Kutaragi worked with Nintendo […]

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National Association of Realtors Annual Business Conference

During the recent NAR Conference & Expo in Anaheim, CA, last week, mega blogger and NAR tweet master, Chris Nichols (@utahREpro) gave away a copy of Surviving Your Serengeti every day to the first person that found him on the trade floor. Of the 19,000 attendees two of the lucky winners were Kelley Mitchell of Hawaii (@kellymitchell) and Amanda Wernick of Santa Ana (@funomenalme). Enjoy the read ladies!

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UCLA Anderson

On Monday, Dr John Ulmen, professor at the Anderson School of Management, invited Stefan Swanepoel to come and share the art of storytelling with a class of MBA students.
UCLA Anderson School of Management was established in 1935 and is consistently ranked among the top tier business schools in the country by The Economist, The Financial Times and US News and World Report. Business Week ranks Anderson as the 2nd in fully employed MBA programs and 8th as an executive MBA program.
Written as a fable, […]

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