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Best Seller Lists!!

I am grateful for the huge amount of accolades and acknowledgment “Surviving your Serengeti has received from numerous leading newspapers, organizations and bookstores by being listed as a best seller.
Thank you!
It is immensely gratifying that the message of the fable has been so well received and is being shared with so many people. Also thrilling is the over 50 reviews we have received on Amazon (all 5 stars) and the 10 reviews we have received on (all 5 stars).
Thank you to everyone that posted […]

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New York Times Bestseller!

We just received word that Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life is listed on The New York Times best Seller list at #4 on the USA Today Money Best Sellers list at #2.
Wow! I was hoping for a top 10 showing, so making top 5 and top 3 is unbelievable!!
Thank you! THANK YOU!!
First print is sold out. Publisher warehouse has no stock. Second printing scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Serengeti goes into 3rd printing next week!! We just received the new cover.
It […]

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