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Top 7 Friction Factors

Being efficient and effective is what many of us strive for. But we have all learned that is hard to constantly maintain a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. So many things happen or cause us to veer off our path.

The obvious solution then to increase efficiency is to find ways of reducing the friction. That’s of course easier said that done, but it’s a great place to start by looking at the friction factors that consume your resources:

  1. Interruptions
  2. Distractions
  3. Mistakes
  4. Fatigue, both mental and physical
  5. Lack of knowledge, tools or resources
  6. Lack of education, experience or expertise
  7. Competition

Resolve these and your productivity will sky rocket!

Stefan Swanepoel

Stefan Swanepoel - Stefan Swanepoel’s life has been a “Serengeti journey”—from his birth in Kenya to schooling in Hong Kong and South Africa eventually, running a New York-based global franchise network with 25,000 sales associates in 30 countries. In all he has served as president of seven companies and two non-profit organizations.