Why the Serengeti?
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Why the Serengeti?

D uring my formative years in Africa, I developed deep feelings for the nature and wildlife that surrounded me; they became a part of me, and I of them. But as I became an adult and turned my attention to the world of business, I left Africa and the Serengeti behind to immigrate to America.

It was not until a recent visit to the Serengeti plains of East Africa that I reconnected with this unique refuge. Simply put, it is the last sanctuary for the greatest concentration of wildlife remaining on earth.
Nearly two million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles annually run a 1,000 mile-long journey filled with hunger, thirst, predators and exhaustion. The journey is so incomparably dangerous and massive that is often rated the #1 Natural Wonder of the World.

For me, this journey is a parable for success. It’s a window into the very meaning of life that provides a simple way to understand, appreciate and remember the basic skills that all living beings need to survive and thrive.

“It is my hope that this book will affirm that no journey is ever too long or impossible.”The world in which most of us live today is, of course, a far cry from the Serengeti. Television, the Internet, mobile media, fast food, and many more innovations comprise a society dominated by a demand for speed, comfort and instant gratification. We continue to advance technology, only to find ourselves spinning through one “solution” after the other. We face global financial and economic challenges that stretch our resources and shape our professional and personal lives as never before.

The obstacles that those who live and die on the Serengeti face are, in many ways, no different than the challenges we face at the office or at home every day. While our trials certainly take place in a different realm, the seven skills that the animals use to overcome their harsh conditions can also help us rise above our own adversities.
It is my hope that this fable will reaffirm for everyone that:

  • Everyone can survive his or her own personal Serengeti, no matter the challenges
  • No journey is ever too long
  • Nothing is impossible.

Stefan Swanepoel
Author of Surviving Your Serengeti

Serengeti Skill #3

The efficient cheetah

The cheetah clearly illustrates how “finishing the job” in the shortest possible time with the least amount of wasted resources lead to success. Key is the ability to overcome interruptions, distractions, mistakes, mental and physical fatigue and to focus on being effective and able to produce the desired result.

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Serengeti Skill #5

The strategic lion

Even for the king of the jungle, a meal requires a plan otherwise he goes hungry. It’s all about organizing and utilizing our resources, encompassing multiple concepts: thoughts, ideas, experiences, skills, expertise and expectations in accomplishing a desired goal. Planning is a key part in developing solutions to all problems.

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