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Usually after attending the Surviving Your Serengeti keynote delegates are anxious to learn even more about their strongest innate skills, how they can implement and maximum their strengths and weaknesses and how they can learn to better work with the abilities and limitations of those on their team.

Are you an enduring wildebeest, who understands that any goal worth achieving requires pressing on despite the hardships? Or are you a strategic lion, who knows how to execute a sound strategy with a stealthy, unified team? Do you spot opportunities like the enterprising crocodile or are you effective with your resources as the efficient cheetah? Do you take brave gambles like the risk-taking mongoose? Or do you have the kindheartedness of the gracious giraffe or the remarkable ability to get your message across like the communicating elephant? “After 20 years of leadership workshops this is the best I have ever attended”

The workshop draws participants in and facilitates their involvement in a safari of self discover by learning about the skillsets, strengths and weaknesses of all seven the animals, one by one. Learning more about your office colleagues, friends or even family members invariably leads to a fun and extensive non-threatening discussions about how people work together and why we often take decisions the way we do.

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The Serengeti Institute was formed in 2011 as result of the tremendous response to the publication of Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life.

The Rangers (accredited Instructors) of the Serengeti Institute offer a variety of leadership workshops, team building retreats and coaching programs that take participants through a Safari of Self Discovery™ - a journey of introspection, personal improvement and team building.


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