“I loved the insight into myself and others and finding ways to improve myself and how I interact with others. I had a blast.”
— Emily F. , Brand Manager

“I really understand my people so much better. I can see why they do what they do.”
— Gary P, Sculptor

“I love the workshops and learned a lot about myself. 2 days well spent.”
— Marianne F, Mortgage Industry

“Stefan takes command of the audience the moment he begins speaking and keeps us in the palm of his hand thru the entire presentation.”
–Terry Penza, CEO NSBAR
2011 Association Executive Institute Annual Conference, Dallas Texas

“I walked away very motivated and excited to go back to work.”
— Rebecca R., Pharmaceutical Industry

“The workshop took ‘judgment’ out of me and makes me appreciate everyone equally.”
— Shawna J. , Realtor

“This is valuable use of time. Excellent workshops that raises awareness and understanding of these skills applicable in leadership of one kind or another.”
— Lisa G., Principle

Offered By The:

The Serengeti Institute was formed in 2011 as result of the tremendous response to the publication of Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life.

The Rangers (accredited Instructors) of the Serengeti Institute offer a variety of leadership workshops, team building retreats and coaching programs that take participants through a Safari of Self Discovery™ - a journey of introspection, personal improvement and team building.


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