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Serengeti Skill #3

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The efficient cheetah

The cheetah clearly illustrates how “finishing the job” in the shortest possible time with the least amount of wasted resources lead to success. Key is the ability to overcome interruptions, distractions, mistakes, mental and physical fatigue and to focus on being effective and able to produce the desired result.

Similar to the cheetah, efficiency is all about finishing the job in the shortest possible time with a minimum amount of wasted energy and resources.

If you are efficient, you will notice the following habits and qualities in yourself:

  • You search for the most efficient way to achieve a goal without wasting energy by adapting to varying situations, responding to them, and recognizing the factors that affect efficiency.
  • You try to avoid excess consumption of resources by recognizing the personal limits that waste them.
  • You schedule your day, prioritize every task, and keep those priorities by refining to-do lists frequently and adopting a policy of strict time management. You “chunk” or break your larger projects down into small, easier-to-manage steps.
  • You’re an effective time manager with the ability to evaluate and deal with those things that affect achieving the goal, such as self-generated interruptions.
  • You maintain an orderly “start up/shut down” routine at the beginning and end of each day to help you remain focused and utilize peak times more efficiently.
  • You recognize that time is your most precious, and yet most limited, resource. You can’t buy more of it, and therefore, how efficiently you use it shapes and affects your life.

Maximizing This Skill

Know you own limits; keep physically healthy and maintain a positive mental attitude. After all, the key to efficiency is to get the job or task successfully completed on time without putting a strain on the rest of your life.

To accomplish this, you must constantly be on the lookout for “inefficiency” in the project, process or yourself by:

  • Controlling personal sources of “friction,” such as interruptions and distractions (email, texts, phone calls, web surfing, etc.),
  • Continually focus on the process; doing the right thing at the right time.

Perhaps most importantly, you must adopt a proactive attitude by taking the following actions:

  • Avoid multi-tasking, and learn to say “no.”
  • Delegate tasks to others where appropriate.
  • Look for ways to improve systems and processes — what people do and how they do it — and improve productivity by focusing on getting things done “right” and “well” instead of just getting them done “cheaply and quickly.”
  • Insure that resources — such as personnel and material — are being effectively utilized.
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  • I’d like to read the book.

  • I am a Cheetah! What are you?

  • I’m a Cheetah! Which animal are you?

  • Anonymous

    I found a typo! Such a cheetah thing to do. “Know you own limits..”

  • wow kinda cool

  • Rivermom58

    Wow this application is amazing – I am a Cheetah

  • Love personality tests!!  I’m a cheetah! 

  • Lrone11

    We all are Cheetahs that’s why we are posting on this section 🙂

  • Kmorganjohnson

    Go Cheetah’s!!

  • Padfootdog

    quite accurate! I’m a Cheetah!

  • Promisegirlfarm

    I began college at age 45 with a full-time job, a husband and five kids at home.  Received my BSN at age 50.

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  • Brittonlee

    Whoo Hooo I’m a Cheetah

  • Windchaser

    I am a CHEETAH !!! I knew I was fast, but not that fast! I always strive for excellence. To all the other CHEETAH’s out there…GO…GO…GO !!!

    • Striving for excellence is a great attitude to have. You GO…GO…GO!

  • Yondansean

    Like the cheetah, I prefer to suffocate my mma opponents.


    If you are a Realtor, (a successful one) what would be a complementary animal for an assistant?  (I tend to have higher efficiency than most of the ones I have had) And I have used Recruit/Select from KW, of course it gets better every time you use it!

    • Did you take the “What Animal Am I” quiz? If so, what animal skill is your #1 strength? That would significantly impact my answer as to what other animal would compliment your skill. Join us on our next free online webinar to learn more. Go to for next dates.

  • Phoebe

    I am a Cheetah, and not surprised, now to learn how to work with the varied wild animals on my BOD as well as my family and clients. I do love these brief and quite accurate tests.

  • Aaron

    found the link to the quiz in the PMI Today publication….Cheetah fits….I’m going to have to buy this book and use it with “Strengths Finders”

  • Janet

    Well, who’d know it? I’m 70 and slow on my feet, but the descriptions fit my methodoly and the amount I get done.

  • Sarah Gipe

    I am totally a Cheetah – love it – great quiz!!

  • Wayne Grabowska

    At times I am a Cheetah, but I’m also a lion at times and an elephant at times. So while I am mostly a cheetah and can be other animals at other times.

  • Retheeshsam

    i m like a cheetah want to become a man

  • kokilaganesan

    i got excited to see i am cheetah. nice study to know who i am

  • Sijinaajith

    great quiz, loved it

  • Ambernrvg

    i love the quiz

  • CEK

    I knew I was a Efficient & Effective Cheetah before I took the quiz, Stefan did a great job of outlining the differences in the seven. Although I work hard at communicating more effectively and efficiently like the communicating elephant, this isnt as natural as being able to adapt, improvise and overcome many obstacles I faced through out projectss.

  • Olga Sabogal

    wonderful, interesting

  • Jazcat1234

    im a cheetah

  • Cheetarius

    Where can i do the cheetah quiz or whatever?!

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