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Serengeti Skill #2

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The enterprising crocodile

If like the crocodile you are an enterprising and resourceful person you see the opportunities by keeping your mind open and active. You understand that by being creative, confident and bold enough to seize the opportunities that present themselves, and you have the ability to influence the outcome of future events.

Enterprising means showing initiative, a willingness to undertake new projects, and a strong desire for success and achievement—all qualities that support the role of the entrepreneur. Like the crocodile, enterprising people possess the energy, creativity, and ambition required to see the possibilities in the future that others cannot see.  Enterprising individuals are passionate about their work, learn from mistakes, understand their weaknesses as well as their strengths, recognize opportunity, and make strategic decisions with limited data.

If you are an enterprising person, you’ll see the following characteristics in yourself:

  • The ability to “think outside the box” when facing difficult problems and developing solutions.
  • A dedication to advancing both yourself and your organization through a clear mission, while fostering a culture that supports and encourages imaginative and creative solutions.
  • The determination to succeed, which also lends itself to another important trait for enterprising individuals: self-confidence.
  • The tendency to spend a lot of time working alone—something that’s paramount to business success. This emphasizes entrepreneurs’ understanding of sacrifice, and how short-term hard work will pay off with long-term rewards.

Entrepreneurs have a strong desire to lead rather than follow; they  seek out opportunities that specifically provide a great deal of autonomy. They seek out change, rather than fearing it.

Maximizing This Skill

Entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals always display a willingness to go against the crowd and stand above. They take advantage of difficult situations, and don’t allow them to become burdens.  As with any skill, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid:

  • Failing to evaluate and analyze the potential risks involved and developing a plan to address them early on.
  • Failing to constantly communicate with others involved, ensuring they understand what is required of them, they have the necessary resources/skills, and are empowered and authorized to complete the tasks for which they are being held accountable.

Enterprising people understand exactly what to do when opportunity knocks.

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  • What fun! Looking forward to the book!

  • Anonymous

    Always inspiring to explore the self. 😀

  • wow

  • pretty much right on. #crocodile!

  • Interesting approach. Worth a couple of minutes of your time.

  • Pretty amazingly true… does this mean it takes a jungle?

  • That is me alright, cool when answering a few questions can so easily see what personality style we are,
    Happy Selling

  • Yes, I’m a crocodile and I can see myself waiting for my food to cross the river and pick the juiciest one . . as in real estate with my own company.. I put myself in position “NOT TO STARVE” and I adapted very well these last few years. .
    I think I’m going to buy me some crocodile shoes so I can kick some a$$ on my next listing appointment

    • That is a great idea Fernando, the crocodile shoes will remind you of who you are and why you are there:)

  • Crocodile the whole way. Extremely passionate about what I do, always seeking out change, usually see opportunity before it comes knocking, definitely learn from my mistakes. Anal, require very little data to make sound strategic decisions. The more complex the easier it is for me. Definitely going to maximize this skill and focus on two pitfalls that were recognized. Change is good.

  • This is pretty much spot on. Even the pitfalls. I do go after what I want and try to figure out different angles to achieve the results. Looking forward to the rest of the book.

  • This is very interesting, because It’s pretty consistent with how I see myself, and I wasn’t expecting that. Many of the characteristics of the assessment I see in my personality and style.

  • I found this quiz from Active Rain, and I like what I am. I feel that everything is pretty much accurate except for failing to communicate with others involved. I ALWAYS communicate with my clients (peers is rocky on that aspect; but I don’t work with anyone anyways).

  • Croc all the way … just bought the book for Kindle; looking forward to tearing it apart!

  • This is very true. The pitfalls to avoid are very real yet we wish to deny their existence. One of my pitfalls is impatience with stupidity and ignorance. This then tends to come across as condescending. That is something I am very aware of and have been working on.

  • So true!

  • Well, I guess I’ve been pegged…

  • Anonymous

    This was very enlightening and it pinned me to the T.

  • Scott Olds, MD

    It describes me as a crocodile. I agree with the behavior I may manifest, however, does it matter what animal I am? The quiz just reflects my personality type and how I behave personally and professionally. But what does it say about attitude, motivation, and morals in decision making. How does this information help me to be creative and help others? Communication and follow through is a given to be professionally and personally successful, what successful person does not know this. It is simple social psychology which you learn in first year of college or even high school. No insight here.

  • Scott Olds, MD

    I agree with my description as a crocodile. What does this really mean and how does it help me? Crocodile is a regurgitation of the personality type that I scored myself. It describes behaviors of creative and successful people. However, you could learn this in any high school or college intro psychology class. It does not help one understand the attitudes, belief systems, upbringing, motivation, or morals of a crocodile. It is a generic description of successful and creative people. Given this information, how does one become fully self-actualized to reach the ultimate creativity and spirituality. It is trite to say to become success in business or relationships you must be creative, recognize opportunity, and follow through. Any decent high school teacher can give this advice. No revelation in this quiz.

  • Scott Olds, MD

    It describes me as a crocodile. I agree with the behaviors that describes my professional and personal relationships. However, does it matter what animal I am? It describes the behavior of successful and creative people. No insight into the attitudes, motivation, and morals in understanding what makes a truly good Crocodile. This could be taught by any intro Psych teacher in High School or College. Also, it is often emphasize at the high school or even middle school level that to be successful you need to be hard working, creative, communicate well, and follow through. I preach this lesson to my 10 year old. No insight here. The Enterprising Crocodile is trite. To reach your full creativity and spirituality to be ultimately successful, you must become self-actualized, eg, Albert Einstein or Mohandas Gandhi. These were Crocodiles that were truly successful.

  • Surviving Serengeti says I’m a Crocodile but a Crocs can go up to 2 years without eating. Not sure about this because I get moody and a migraine if I don’t eat in a day because of low blood sugar!

  • WOW that does seem to fit me well!

  • Anonymous

    Crocodile? i was hoping to be a mongoose. at the KW reunion seeing the short film i was sure i was a mongoose. i’m not even sure i know how to spell mongoose, and in the Traveler’s ad i thought those were Meerkats. they’re mongooses? they look just alike dont they ? Being American i’m really an Alligator anyway ’cause there aint no crocs in Sherman Oaks. Maybe in Balboa Lake. I saw a few there once. Ate up a REMAX agent. was kind of sad, but not really sad.

    • Anonymous

      Aloha, we have mongooses (I think it is mongeese) here in Hawaii. They are a small squirrel-like animal that scurries around and reproduces fast. No one is afraid of them and they are just a bit of a nuisance.

    • A Meerkat and Mongoose look alike. Very similar. GK is a crocodile. Croc’s are great. Don’t eat to many other agents :-0

      • Margaretoliviawells


    • Margaretoliviawells


  • Anonymous

    I look forward to reading the book. No Crocodile tears here. Entrepreneur all the way.

  • So, I’m the oldest living creature on the planet.

  • I always like crock for a nice bag to carry…lol, seriously the info is very close to how I see myself, will read your book too, thanks for this test!

  • better than a poodle!

  • I am a crocodile, but prettier. He he

  • Crockadile mmm but it makes sense! A survivor in the wild!

  • Interesting test. I look forward to reading the book!

  • What animal are you?

  • Crocodile fits me pretty well. I kind of like the elephant thou!

    • Excellent. Remember the quiz just identifies your #1 skill (you have other skills too – so maybe a part of you is the elephant).

  • This makes perfect sense!

  • I knew it from reading the book!

  • I am a crocodile! Is this right. Some of it is right on which I was shocked by…thought I would get a much more passive animal. Hmmm…dont know what to think.

    • Learning more about oneself is often scary and exciting at the same time. I am sure you rock!

  • Great book, informative and fun. Love Africa and the animals. Look forward to your presentation with Michael Russer. Your friendly Croc, Doug Osood

    • Mr. Internet rocks and I look forward to doing the Serengeti presentation with Michael. It will be great!

  • I don’t want to be a crocodile they look old and wrinkly and are scary!

  • Oh, hope that isn’t just a croc… guess I’ll have to read the book to find out!!! What type of animal are you?

    • Kafevre

      I am the enterprising crocodile.

  • Verl Workman

     What a great read and fun journey.  I related well to the character in the book that needs to back away from work and explore more.   I enjoyed the self discovery part of each chapter as I tried to figure out if each animal I was.   Well done congrats on a fantastic book and I see a world of opportunities with this for you going forward.Verl Workman

  • Valia8

     Excellent quiz, am I really a croc ??? maybe!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    This makes sense… excellent quiz 

  • Scott T Crawford

    I’m so much a croc and get all the positive points, but it’s seeing the negative side that really hits me between the eyes with the hammer of truth.

    • That’s of course one of the big the benefit. Improving those skills that are our weaknesses!

  • Donna Hudson

    I have really enjoyed this book and clearly see that I am a croc in both the positive and negative side. But without taking the test would have had a hard time identifying which of the animals I am most like. Strange?

  • Jspan

    I don’t mean to sound a bit suspicious……. however…. when everyone comes up croc (I did), then I got to wonder if the test is a “croc” or the way we all answered the questions is a “croc”….

  • Jspan

    I don’t mean to sound a bit suspicious……. however…. when everyone comes up croc (I did), then I got to wonder if the test is a “croc” or the way we all answered the questions is a “croc”….

    • Stefan Swanepoel

      Yes, crocodiles are actually the single highest group at the moment at about 35% of all quiz takers(which has surpassed over 40,000). However, this does not come as a surprise to us as many individuals who have taken the quiz have been individuals agents in the real estate industry – which of course must be enterprising to succeed!

      The algorithm for the quiz was developed by a professor and is estimated to have an accuracy of 92% ( the remaining 8% is from those who mark all 10’s or 1’s – which defaults to croc)

    • Over 40,000 people have taken the quiz this year and about 28% are crocs. There is a very good distribution across all 7 animals but certain industries and professions, such as real estate, clearly lean more towards certain skills, and thus certain animals. A much higher than average percent of Realtors are crocodiles and elephants. Both those skills are dominant for sales and make sense.

  • Veronica

    Crocodile! Wow, makes sense; I LOVE working at my home office, alone. I get a lot done that way, and my ideas flow here at home in the uninterrupted silence. I also love to hang out with people and participate in organizations and meet-ups. But, when it comes down to getting serious work acomplished, yep I’m a crocodile. 🙂

  • Jay

    To lead is to partake, to partake is to involve, to involve is to lead.
    Jay Rios
    Glory Productions

  • K-eM

    I turned out to be a crocodile. I was a little surprised at first because I was leaning towards Wildebeest after reading the book. But after consideration, I think it’s right on and endurance is something that is definitely a close second. I’ve certainly had to spend a lot of time in my life enduring. Now I need to let loose the crocodile.

  • Anonymous

    Given my avatar, I guess I already sensed my croc nature.  Crocs are also good at waiting and adapt to muddy conditions during the dry season…..I’ll be back after reading the book!

  • Beisus

    Interesting… I believe in animal spirits, but never looked at it from this veiw…

  • Myst44

    a scorpio croc, i guess my tail has an additional use too?

  • Lillian

    Love this personality test, very insightful
    I’m the enterprising croc for sure!

  • Wow! Spot on! I like! 

  • Mariovillafan

    pretty cool! 

  • Isti Mitchell

    Its so accurate 

  • Eile

    Love the insight.

  • Natasha Rueter

    Wow. This quiz knows me better than anyone else 🙂

    • Wow, better than anyone else. Thank you for posting the kind words!

  • Pam Robb

    Wow! This was right on target! Inspires me to continue my entrepreneurial path!

  • Miss Gayle

    Wow, quite accurate – even down to the “failing to constantly communicate” part, LOL. 

    • We all have our strengths and weakness. That’s OK. The success and benefits come from learning how to improve them or get others that are better at those skills to help us.

  • Rebeccasknight

    Validates my nagging desire to break out on my own consulting path. Thanks!

  • Rebeccasknight

    Validates my nagging desire to break out on my own consulting path. Thanks!

  • Farhad

    Though I don’t agree that I am an enterpreneur kind of person, the rest is more or less accurate.

    • You are more complicated than an online quiz will even be able to exactly analyze. What the quiz however does well is to help us all better understand ourselves and the people around us so we can improve our interaction and communication with them.

  • Schatzp

    This is a fantastic source of info. Thank u so much. Paula Schatz, exit realty harbor shores, st. Joseph, mi.

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  • go figure 🙂

  • James Glisson

    I am very impressed with the short test and evaluation that follows.  Therefore, I immediately shared this with about 10 of my most valued and trusted friends and family.  Thanks
    James Glisson
    5 Star Marketing, LLC

    • Thank you James. I hope they all enjoy learning more about themselves. Do take the time to read the book, I think you will equally enjoy the read!

  • Dragoninchains

    I don’t like crocodiles NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    But it’s just like me D:

  • Neat quiz! Correct!
    – “think outside the box”
    – advancing both yourself and your organization through a clear mission creatively
    – seek out opportunities
    – display a willingness to go against the crowd and stand above

    However, the pitfalls are definitely odd, as well as one characteristic. I’m a very analytical person, and one whom soley is attached to communicating with others for a clear understanding. Maybe I’m not quite understanding what this area means?

    Thanks for the quiz!

    – HalfEmptyWallet
    The Everyday Freebies Website

    • As people we are way more complicated than the animals, and no one animal or one skill, can 100% accurately define or describe who you are. It the quick quiz was able to correctly identify your primary skills and thereby help remind you to remember what your innate skills are, then we would have succeeded. Enjoy your journey as you continue to seek out new opportunities.

  • Sweetmelissa319

    yep u hit the nail on the head thats so me………..

  • Artsieallie

    I can agree with this, although I was not expecting it! 🙂

  • Artsieallie

    I can agree with this, although I was not expecting it! 🙂

  • This is similar to the DISC system of course but I like it better – more approachable! I have read Stefan’s  book and enjoyed the analogies to business. I am interested in knowing how to apply this in terms of building a more  effective and focused team. On the Serengeti, the animals don’t really work together… they are all striving just to survive. Since I am a crocodile, I am interested in the success of the team ( not sure how crocodiles do that in the wild! :O)) I am a broker/owner of EXIT EZ Realty in Syracuse, NY and very much enjoyed hearing Stefan’s presentation at our recent convention. Any thoughts?

  • Jazz

    I was stunned that I fit the criterion of the crocodile. Then again I have never read the book, so my first perception was solely based on the nature of the creature. Once I read through my analysis, my match fit seamlessly. I consider myself a “mold breaker,” an inconventional thinker, just because the standard is boring to me. I thrive on challenges. If there are any opportunities available to enhance my skills, I will grab ahold of them in a second. I don’t foster a lot of personal confidence, but I have the will to succeed and present my best work, always. I do prefer to work alone, but the reason seems selfish to me. I don’t like the idea of sharing my personal visions or “genius” with other people. Additionally, if I rely on only myself, I can trust that it will get done the way I want, at the time I want. Not to mention I’m extremely introverted; working in a group of more than 3 people makes me very uneasy. I’m proud to be a croc 🙂

    • And you make me proud to look into yourself, discover something about you, accept it and understand that the next step is too see how you can use your strongest asset to better succeed in business and life. Good luck – you are heading the right way!

  • Christine

    Doesn’t fit me at all.  Usually when I take these sorts of tests I find that I’m a partial match to most of the profiles.  In fact everyone is a partial match to most of the profiles.  But this one was way, way off.  I said I didn’t like risk and had strong communication skills.  Why is it that someone who thinks outside of the box can’t have strong communication skills?

    • James

      Try retaking test. You probrably always dispute things in your life, nothing is ever fair, etc.
      Check to see if this a repeating pattern in your life. We have lots of these types in our business but they also function well and produce, so its all good.

    • There is no question one can have more than one skill, most people do. Some fortunate ones, like you, may even have most of the skills…but only one can be your #1 skill…your strongest one.

  • James Salas

    Cool, don’t mind being a croc, if that what the boss says I am. Actually I went to Florida
    Alligator, close enough!

  • Grahampa65

    OK I’m trying to take this all in. A Crocodile is definately not my favorite creature. But I feel the description some what sounds like me on a more muted level.

    • Don’t view the “outside” too much but focus on the “inside” and what it represents. The true strength and innate skill you have.

  • Keithafurrow

    This Really Sounds like me, although when I read the book  I didn’t see this as my number one skill. But I accept this because I answered questioned truthfully.

    • Often we don’t recognized our #1 skill as being that. Explore it more. This is a great innate skill to have!


    Oh the enterprise CROCODILE *reads description* interesting i do prefer working alone just this friday i had a group and we had to write a english 3 paper that was to make a winnie a pooh story i basically done it my self and people always call me a hard work only time im not is when i get lazy and it is homewrk related

  • Doug

    interestingly if i am a croc then as of now should and is it in my best interests to now “live it and own it” or does it imply i do already as my default position

  • Gammaking247

    I’m with blackcowboy

  • Kalinmariesnowden

    nom nom nom. actually this fits me pretty well lol. usually though i get something like an antelope which seems kinda far from a croc lol but then again i havnt read this book so the relation could be in something i havnt considered.

  • Maren

    The description does fit me in many ways, but I wouldn’t have minded being a little more attractive.

  • Incognito

    I suppose I could be a little bossy… and I do often do projects alone. I just don’t prefer being around people. But… a crocodile? 

  • I think I have many talents beyond just the Crocodile.  My real estate partner is a giraffe. Thanks for the great presentation at the Women’s Council of Realtors in Long Beach CA today.

  • Hazy skeptic

    Sorry. NOT me. I’m not self confident, and I hate leading. Too many people would look up to me. Plus, really? A crocodile???

  • Bluegrasslizard

    Thought I’d be a lion or cheetah with my killer competitive side.  Although at the same time I’m a collaborator and have great integrity.  Not sure how these relate to a Croc, but good to know.

  • rama chandran

    am very happy to take this test

  • I’ve heard now that’s a croc all my life…Now I am the croc (odile). Very accurate.

  • Victor Gilmore


  • Mészáros Gyula

    I fell home myself in the water (I swimmed and played waterpolo), but I won’t bite anyone and twist her under the water (at least not literally). Should I try it next time?

    • Ehsan

      always try!!;) crocodiles love experience:D:D

  • Archer7

    I think perhaps some of the others commenting don’t understand the point of the test and are reacting to their own negative image of  a crocodile, this totally fits me to a “T”, thank you – this was very interesting and thought-provoking.

  • Javo

    I think and feel myself like a croc, are you some kind of animal guru?

  • Aaa

    To sit back hoping that someday, some way, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last – but eat you he will.

  • Mnimaka

    Surprise! I’m a Crocodile. I do love working in my home space, alone. It is easier for me to focus, ideas flow and I and get serious work done. I also enjoy intense connections one on one with people and participate in organizations and circles.

    When it gets right down to serious accomplishment; yes, I am a croc.

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