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Serengeti Skill #1

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The strategic lion

Even for the king of the jungle, a meal requires a plan otherwise he goes hungry. It’s all about organizing and utilizing our resources, encompassing multiple concepts: thoughts, ideas, experiences, skills, expertise and expectations in accomplishing a desired goal. Planning is a key part in developing solutions to all problems.

For  lions, it’s all or nothing. If their strategy fails, they go hungry. For us, however, it’s all about organizing our thoughts, ideas, experiences, skills, expertise, and expectations to accomplish a desired goal.

Strategy is not just about the end; rather, it’s the means to that end.  For that reason, sound strategies must be flexible, not rigid. In its simplest form it’s a basic road map—albeit one that involves and incorporates change. This might make it not only difficult to accurately read at times, but also  somewhat dependent on future uncertainty.

If you are a strategic person—a strategist—you will recognize these characteristics in yourself:

  • The ability to create multiple options for solving problems.
  • You chart the course that others follow by defining the tactics, steps, and resources that are required to achieve the goal while keeping the bigger picture in perspective. You remain proactive and ensure that the plan is adjusted to meet the objectives.

Strategic thinkers know that effective planning and execution is a team effort. They’re highly collaborative and adept at weaving visions with pragmatic, timely initiatives, and tend to challenge existing assumptions and generate transformations over the short and long term.

Maximizing This Skill

To truly tap into your core competency as a strategic lion, you need to know:

Who you are,

  • What you want,
  • Where you’re going,
  • How you will get there, and
  • What you are going to do once you get there.

It’s as simple as that; build a roadmap, and execute the plan.

To create a successful strategy, you must first develop a goal and a written plan to achieve that goal.  Always include the following three key elements: 1) your objectives—these become milestones to measure over time and provide you checkpoints for success along the way; 2) the tactics you are going to use to achieve the goal, and 3) the resources—in the form of your own and others’ skills—that you need to effect the plan.

You also need to be aware of some pitfalls to avoid:

Becoming overly detail-oriented and shortsighted, and thereby failing to look ahead. This will prompt you to develop tunnel vision and lock yourself into one particular strategy wherein unforeseen factors may ultimately blindside you.

  • Failing to monitor the environment and keep an eye out for opposition and threats from both the “inside” and the “outside”—and addressing them early on.
  • Poorly allocating and utilizing your resources. This can result in wasted time and effort.
  • Failing to delegate both responsibility and authority to others, thereby falling into the trap of micromanagement.

This is your life and your career; make sure you know where you are heading.

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  • Finding it uncanny how true this rings for me… #Awesomesauce!

    • You’re a lion, Clint? No wonder we get along…me too 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Lion. RAWR!!!
    Pat Hiban

  • WOW!!

  • WOW!!

  • This is such a cook quiz! I’m a Lion – what are you? Take the quiz and post it on your facebook profile. 🙂

  • I knew I had a great mane for a reason!!!

  • Anonymous

    Are there a lot of us lions? I don’t remember the percentages …. Go get ’em!

  • This is eerily accurate….[Insert MGM Lion roar]

  • This description is amazingly accurate ! Things to watch out for, tunnel vision has been a issue time and again and mostly when I lease expect it! This profile is right on the mark!

  • Anonymous

    Diagnosed as a Lion surprises me. I thot I wud be a cheetah
    and a phonetic speller.

  • I am a Lion. Totally spot on.

  • Suky

     Yahuuuuuuuuuuu!am king of the Jungle

  • Kittycatkate8

    why be a king and you can be a queen and have husband and have a prince or a princess 

  • This made me smile. I am DEFINITELY an ALL OR NOTHING kind of guy. All for or all against. All in or all out. I see the middle ground as being wishy-washy. And people should STAND FOR SOMETHING! Not teeter back and forth!

    I get a lot of push back for my “extreme” stances and my “black and white” nature, but I’m ok with that. At least you know where I stand!


  • Ncarbajal01


  • jeta-wolf

    totaly a loin and there so feirce wich reminds me of me hahaha i have to fight a lot for a girl hahahahaha where i now moved

  • Sandra Daley

    Oh, yes, that is me an all or nothing person.  I believe we all need to stand firm for something that is important to us. Most people seem to have trouble with us Lions! I prefer to have Lion-us qualities they are all me when it comes to my business and career.

  • Bawapreeti1

    Yes this is me a Lion Entrepreneur.Really i love taking risks hence in stuations i have just picked up changed opportunity which are slowly taking me to my goal. 

  • Reddy13141516

    I take this as a pride and also am willing to change myself to succeed in life and live my dreamlife.

  • Kimberly Mills

    this is perfect and says everything about me….

  • Ed

    Hear me ROAR:-)

  • Cris

    This is truly accurate and I am a LEO! How ironic!

  • Muhimbise

    What a coincidence! I am a Leo! It’s true to a large extent – I usually set myself goals and objectives and workout strategies of achieving them!

  • Mcr_0716

    Yeah, am predominantly a lion..thanks!

  • MrLord

    Those pictures are amazing! Are they free to use or are they copyrighted somehow 🙂 ?

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