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Serengeti Skill #4

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The risk-taking mongoose

Like the mongoose, taking risks requires evaluation of all the options before a decision is made. Entrepreneurs have the ability to overcome the fear associated with the risk, seeing an opportunity and willing to assume the risk associated at overcoming the potential pitfalls.

Succeeding in troubled times often involves taking a risk. But like the mongoose, you need to evaluate of all the options involved with on the chance you’re taking before you make a decision.
Risk- takers frequently review goals and determine the various routes to get to the destination. Often they choose the path with the highest risk in order to gain the maximum reward. Many of them demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • The ability to overcome the fear associated with the risk by evaluating potential pitfalls.
  • Viewing the change that immobilizes others as simply another hurdle to overcome. Risk- takers don’t see how things are, but how they could be. They are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the desired goal.
  • A readiness to break free from social and emotional boundaries, opinions, beliefs, and restrictions imposed by business and society. Unaffected by the opinions of others, they freely and openly express their ideas.
  • Adeptness at finding ways to hedge against risk to take advantage of the upside of a given situation.
  • A readiness to assess whether the reward is worth the cost required to take on the risk. They willingly invest hours of personal time on a project, while recognizing that it won’t necessarily be successful.
  • An upbeat attitude that allows for potential losses and the refusal to be overwhelmed by the prospects.
  • The courage to step out into uncharted waters to ensure that goals are achieved.

Everyone has a different comfort level in terms of risk—but no matter how much is involved, a positive attitude is essential for success. If doubts and fears overrule hope and optimism, success is much less likely to occur. Small achievements bolster confidence, which leads to a willingness to take bigger risks and accomplish greater goals.

Maximizing This Skill

The first step in becoming a skillful risk-taker is to avoid the two greatest traps that lead to failure: do not “ignore” the risk, or assume that you can’t do anything about it.  It’s equally important not to intellectualize the risk to the point where you avoid taking action. This will only result in a failure to take ownership and the need to constantly rely upon others.  Risk’s reward is never available to those who don’t even bother step up to the plate.

Once you have opted to take a gamble, the next step is to diminish any sense of fear by supporting your decision with facts.  You must accept the fact that failure is a possible worst-case outcome and then move ahead with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

Keeping these two thoughts in mind allows the process of taking a risk to become a system of calculating the cost and the benefit before taking any action.
Remember: Inside every risk is an opportunity for success.

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  • My father used to call me a “silly goose.” And now this.

  • hmmmm

  • Mongoose…

  • Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    A goose, is a goose, is a Mongoose!

  • Now… How do I let free my inner mongoose?!?

    • Bags

      With Goose cheese!!  hahahaha

  • Different test interesting. A lot like me.

  • This is awesome and I get free advise on top of it. I’m a Mongoose.
    What are you?

  • This is awesome and I get free advise on top of it. I’m a Mongoose.
    What are you?

  • This is very interesting and I am looking forward to debunking this and becoming something more serious and calculated in my efforts. thank you for the evaluation this is really great insight.

  • Hmmmm…..don’t they eat snakes?

  • I am the risk taking mongoose. Sounds about right. What are you????

  • Calgal2005

    Yep, that’s pretty darn right to the tee.. I’m the risk-taking mongoose!!!

  • Bags

    Failure to try is failure completly!

  • Mongoose? A very accurate description though. 

  • Cat

    Why is the mongoose gallery filled with pictures of meerkats? -.-

  • D Malone

    The mongoose description is very accurate, in my case. I am fearless and I explore many different ways to solve a problem. I’m fond of saying, “There is more than one answer to every problem”.

  • Guest

    Why are all of the comments from the Mongoose category? LOL Maybe my fellow giraffes prefer not to comment ? 

    • This is the mongoose category. There are hundreds of comments under each animal. But its true, some people, or should I say animal types, do tend to comment more…you should see the crocodiles…they are wild 🙂

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  • Slopeside

    So apparently typing comments equals fear but as my mongoose family has now learned this will not hold us back GO MONGOOSE!!!!!!

    • I see no fear here. Risk-taking is non a skill many people have, so wear it with pride!

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  • Hayzers<3

    Go Mongoose!

  • Russkor

    Be the Mongoose!

  • Jasmyne Smith

    yes, i feel accomplished! #mongoose

  • Zach

    Never really thought about being a risk taker until doing this assessment. In reflection I take risk others will not take.

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