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Serengeti Skill #3

The enduring wildebeest

Like the wildebeest, endurance for us in its simplest form is the ability to exert ourselves for relatively long periods of time. More specifically, it’s all about the ability to withstand hardship and stress. We need to remain steadfast and persistent in the face of obstacles. It‘s often not the fastest nor the strongest one that wins the race, it’s the one that stays the course and goes the distance.

Like the wildebeest, endurance—in its simplest form—is our ability to apply ourselves for relatively long periods of time. This quality keeps our minds going when our bodies want to quit, and gives us the mental capability  to continue moving forward despite the obstacles, hardships, pain, fatigue, or stress in our path.

People often reference the ability to endure as “weathering the storms of life.” It’s not whether we encounter them in the first place, but rather how we face and handle them that makes the difference. These storms can alter the course of life; the way  we prepare to cope with them has a great impact on how we survive them, and whether we emerge from the experience stronger for having endured them.

Every professional ordeal and personal hardship we encounter as we pursue our goals is an opportunity to hone this skill—which you might recognize in yourself if you exhibit the following characteristics:

  • You have resilience, or the ability to bounce back from adversity.
  • You are adept at changing conditions and responding to setbacks and pressures from multiple directions. You see problems as challenging rather than discouraging and as opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills.
  • You are an individual with a competitive edge and are always willing to invest the time and effort required to accomplish tasks.
  • You remain focused on established goals and plans in the midst of difficult situations. Every project represents your best effort regardless of its struggles.
  • You have worked through the setbacks you’ve experienced with stamina, tenacity, and confidence. Others consider you to be an exceptionally diligent and hard worker.

Maximizing This Skill

Whether it comes naturally or you need to work at it, tenacity is vital achieving in success. The actions below will help you improve your personal endurance capabilities:

  • Take care of your physical needs and build your mental endurance by actively challenging your brain in difficult situations throughout the day— especially when you’re tempted to be mentally weak. Avoid escapism, the emotional uncertainty that says, “I can’t do anything about it.”
  • Focus on discriminating between what is important and what isn’t, and direct your efforts and resources accordingly. The key here is to establish realistic goals and take regular steps toward achieving them by asking yourself: what can I achieve today?
  • View problems with a long-term perspective, and focus on what you can accomplish versus what you can’t. Accept the fact that some crises are beyond your control, and while you may not be able to change actual events, you affect the way you interpret and react to them.
  • Remain flexible and patient while keeping things in perspective in order to take appropriate action. Hone your ability to quickly adapt and staying the course even when the going gets tough.
  • Develop mutually supportive and caring relationships at home and at work to enhance your ability to persist through challenging situations. There is strength in numbers.
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  • Seems I’m an Enduring Wildebeest. What are you? http://www.serengetibook.com

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  • Find Out what ANIMAL you are & what strenghts you have.

  • Having had the pleasure of hearing Stefan speak in the past I can tell you he was at his masterful best as the Keynote Speaker for the Keller Williams Family Reunion. He masterfully weaved the characteristics of the mightiest of the animals of the Serengeti into a case lesson of perseverance and triumph for those KW family members seeking survival of their own Serengeti.

    • Thanks Frank. It was an awesome event. See you in your home town soon!

  • Colleen Santos

    Funny, I have never paid much attention to the Wildebeest when I watch the Nature Shows.
    I think I will now pay more attention to my “kindred” animal!  🙂

  • Martin Morgan

    Thrilling to find out the test showed me to be the person I would want to be, other
    people I interact with have made similar comments about these aspects of my character.

    Even more exciting, is the satisfaction of reaching this point in my life after starting out as a
    maverick incompetent salesman more than 50 years ago.
    The real buzz is to know that with sustained effort the goal is very close at hand.

    It is true that everyday I must run faster than than the hungriest meanest lion on the Veldt

    • Sound like an awesome wildebeest too me! Congrats on staying the course.

  • Guest

    would have never guessed

  • John Mosey

    And a very handsome animal if I do say so myself…

  • Lar

    nice, did not think about this animal while taking the test 🙂 

  • Oleiwilliam

    Hehe, that’s the second time i take this kind of test, but the result are almost similar, so this animal…is still the same

  • Sspriyajai

    may be its true.. i want to secure myself from my enemies…

  • Gerardo Alberto Roberts

    Hi, nice test…I wonder if it does, how this relates to 
    Briggs Myers topology. Thank you

  • Stevecepstein

    I’m the Wildebeest, does that mean I get a copy of the book your wrote on me …? (:D

  • Very interesting and spot on! I’m surprised that the description is so accurate.

  • Tmarzig

    I have taked this test a couple of times over the last year, and I have received the same results. It seems to “fit” me as well. That is a pretty good measure.

  • Inaam

    Hi Am the enduring wild beest..

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